• Dr Nyla in the Sunday Times Style Magazine

We were honoured to be recently featured in the Sunday Times Style Magazine as the best place to go in Manchester for radio frequency (RF).

As journalist Liz Hambleton states:

“(Dr Nyla’s) Wilmslow clinic is famous for the Exilis Elite skin-lifting treatment, which uses RF. Expect to see the Cheshire set here.’’

Our Exilis Elite uses two beneficial modules: fat-melting and skin-tightening. The latter stimulates collagen production for smoother and renewed skin, while the former destroys fat cells.

As Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh rightly claims in the article,

“Radio frequency works quickly and effectively on a wide range of skin concerns including sagging, poor texture, dullness, open pores, wrinkles and acne scarring”

It’s also a great alternative to surgery and injections, which can leave scars, discomfort and requires a long downtime. The RF wand’s precision ensures your safety, comfort and the results you desire. You’ll require four sessions and be able to resume normal activities straight away, as any redness settles within thirty minutes.

It’s no wonder that celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and the Kardashians swear by RF. Their beautiful faces are a true testament to its’ power in creating, ‘’instantly plumper, firmer and fresher looking skin.’’

Download the full article here or click to discover more about Elixis Elite.


Dr Nyla in Sunday Times Style Magazine

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