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What are the benefits of dermal cheek fillers?

Over recent years, dermal fillers are becoming as popular in the United Kingdom as it is in other countries such as the USA and Western Europe. In a recent survey, 59% of respondents compared dermal fillers to more typical expenditures such as getting a haircut or a manicure. Dermal fillers have started to become normalised in everyday culture, and their popularity has only increased. Before seeking dermal filler treatment, consider how it will affect your face and the benefits you can expect after the procedure.

This guide will look closely at what cheek dermal filler treatments are, their benefits, and how Doctor Nyla can help.

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Read through the benefits of dermal cheek fillers and why you should consider the treatment.

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What are dermal cheek fillers?

Cheek filler is an injectable treatment that is designed to add volume to the midface. Typically, dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance the body already creates. However, as we age, the body’s production of hyaluronic acid (and collagen) starts to reduce, which can lead to lines or wrinkles in parts of the skin.

The injection of hyaluronic acid into low-volume sections of the face, such as the cheeks, plumps up these areas and enhances the overall appearance. This can shape cheekbones and create a more defined look in the midface.

What can cheek fillers be used for?

The midface is predominately made up of the cheeks. As the body continues to age, collagen production begins to decrease, which leads to sagging skin and other problem areas. Dermal cheek fillers can be used to address and help these issues by adding hyaluronic acid back into the skin. Problem areas of the cheeks include:

Undefined or weaker cheekbones

Undefined cheekbones can be caused by the natural process of ageing, due to the lack of collagen as we age. Dermal fillers in the cheeks can help increase the volume so that cheekbones are more defined.

Nasolabial folds (or laugh lines)

Commonly known as smile or laugh lines, nasolabial folds run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Over time, these lines may become more noticeable as the skin becomes thinner.

Medically qualified professionals can apply dermal fillers in the nasolabial fold to make these lines less prominent. These lines will not disappear completely, but the treatment can help make the face look fuller and more youthful.

Read our guide on how to treat ageing mouth lines here.


The loss of proteins and fat in the skin layer might contribute to wrinkled skin as you age. While injectables cannot completely restore lost proteins and fat, they can imitate the natural structure of your skin.

At Doctor Nyla, we also perform Anti-wrinkle Injections. Find out more about our Anti Wrinkle Injections here.

What are the benefits of cheek dermal fillers?

Dermal cheek fillers have become increasingly popular in the UK and a good alternative to cheek implants or other plastic surgery procedures. Cheek fillers are non-invasive and have a range of appealing benefits. These include:

Good contouring results

Those with sunken or weaker cheeks may want to undergo cheek fillers for an improved facial contour line. This helps define the cheekbones and eliminate the need for other beauty products.

Requires little anaesthesia

As this is a non-invasive treatment, dermal fillers require little to no anaesthesia during the procedure. A topical anaesthetic is applied to the treatment area, such as the cheekbones, and is left on for thirty minutes before being removed.

Make sure when seeking dermal cheek filler treatment that you find a doctor who is medically qualified to perform the procedure safely and effectively. Contact Dr Nyla for more information.

Recovery is quick

After dermal cheek fillers, you may experience minimal side effects, such as swelling and bruising. However, this is to be expected and will fade in just a few days after treatment. If you experience any serious side effects that last longer than this, make sure to consult with your doctor.

Long-lasting results

As there is less movement in the cheeks compared to other facial areas, such as the lips, dermal cheek fillers can last for up to 12 months. This means that touch-ups of the treatment do not have to occur as frequently as other procedures.

Despite dermal fillers having long-lasting results, the treatment is still a temporary procedure. However, this has its benefits. Temporary cheek fillers are a good alternative to permanent procedures, such as cheek implants, as they are less invasive and can be dissolved if necessary.

Discover more information about dermal fillers here.

Low risk of complications

Although there are certain side effects that you may experience after dermal cheek fillers, including swelling and soreness, this is to be expected. Cheek fillers have a very low risk of serious complications, including infection and scarring. There is a much lower risk of complications compared to other invasive procedures such as cheek implant surgery.

Can be dissolved

Consult your doctor or medical practitioner to find the best solution. If you are unhappy with the complete look after treatment, dermal cheek fillers can be removed. Your doctor will inject an enzyme to break the hyaluronic acid down, leading to instant results.

Who is Doctor Nyla?

Doctor Nyla is the founder of The Medispa Group and is a much sought-after cosmetic dermatology GP. She has treated thousands of clients, including some of Britain’s most familiar faces, and provides a range of treatments that tackle problem areas in the face, skin and body.

Before a procedure, we conduct a consultation to find the treatment most suitable to you and your needs. Book a consultation online today to speak to our experts in one of our Medispa clinics.

Dr Nyla Raja

Doctor Nyla Raja Instagram

“As a woman, I believe that ageing should be a natural and graceful process.

My primary aim is to allow women of all ages to externalise this inner beauty and radiance through administering scientifically proven and cutting-edge medical treatments.”

– Doctor Nyla Raja

Dr Nyla Raja

Doctor Nyla Raja Instagram

“As a woman, I believe that ageing should be a natural and graceful process.

My primary aim is to allow women of all ages to externalise this inner beauty and radiance through administering scientifically proven and cutting-edge medical treatments.”

– Doctor Nyla Raja

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Frequently asked questions

What other areas can be enhanced with dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers can be used in the more mobile facial areas. Other than the cheeks, this can include the eyes, the chin or jawline, and the lip areas.

Find out more about dermal cheek filler treatment here.

Are there any other cheek enhancement treatments?

Alongside dermal cheek fillers, other non-invasive treatments are designed for effective cheek enhancement. This includes the Cheshire Face Lift and the Transformation Face Lift.

Discover more treatments that address any cheek concerns here.

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