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Acne Scars

Even after the acne has been treated, it can leave behind scars and uneven skin tone. Doctor Nyla has the experience and training to be able to offer the best skincare solutions, leaving your skin glowing and flawless.

Acne Spots

Acne spots can cause a huge lack of confidence, and, as a fully qualified and experienced cosmetic dermatologist, Doctor Nyla can advise the best treatments to rebalance and smooth the skin.

Age Spots

Age spots occur as a result of sun damage and are most common in those over 40, making them an obvious indicator of your age. At Medispa Wilmslow we can treat age spots, making them less visible to keep your skin tone even.


Veins, sagging skin and pockets of fat can all contribute to problem areas on the arms. Doctor Nyla offers various solutions to keep your arms looking firm, lean and youthful.

Body Sculpting

Sometimes it can be frustrating when you can’t quite reach your body goals despite a good diet and exercise. At Medispa Wilmslow we have the latest technologies that can help you to contour your body, giving you the appearance that you want.


Most women suffer from some amount of cellulite, no matter what their size. Smooth out the ‘orange peel’ look with a little help from Doctor Nyla.


The cheeks are what gives structure to your face. Adding subtle volume to the cheekbones can enhance definition, contouring your appearance for a striking look.


We often concentrate on anti-ageing products for the face, but the neck and décolletage area can also give away the secret of our age. Medispa Wilmslow has a range of treatments that can keep the decolletage looking smooth and tight.


Wrinkles and sagging skin around the eyes can show our age. Doctor Nyla offers treatments to tighten and smooth the eye area, minimising the appearance of wrinkles and under eye bags.

Fat Reduction

Many of us have areas that we are unhappy with. At Medispa Wilmslow we are experienced in a variety of fat loss treatments, all of which can be used to remove stubborn bulges and contour the body.


Skin loses its elasticity with age and, when coupled with repeated muscle movements, can form wrinkles and furrows in the forehead. Doctor Nyla can help to smooth frown lines, leaving the forehead looking refreshed.

Hair Removal

Keep your skin beautifully smooth with our permanent hair removal treatments.


Ageing hands can be a telltale sign of getting older. Doctor Nyla offers solutions to help smooth the skin, keeping your hands looking young and firm.


If you’re struggling with a stubborn bulge around the hips, Medispa Wilmslow can help with our range of fat-loss and contouring treatments to achieve your ideal silhouette.


The jawline can be a reflection of your age as skin starts to lose its elasticity, causing jowls, wrinkles and sagging skin. Medispa Wilmslow can help you to lift and tighten this area, keeping your jawline taut and defined.


As we grow older, gravity and activity can cause the skin around our knees to sag and reflect our age. Medispa Wilmslow can help you to tighten this area, keeping your legs looking young.


Feel confident with bare legs after visiting Doctor Nyla – whether it’s permanent hair removal, cellulite reduction or skincare.


Dermal lip fillers are a great way to enhance your natural shape and volume, giving them a full, youthful appearance. Doctor Nyla has performed over 15,000 dermal filler procedures, making her one of the top cosmetic doctors in the UK.


The delicate neck area can be one of the first places to show signs of ageing, whether it’s wrinkles or sagging skin. Doctor Nyla can smooth and tighten the neck area using a variety of treatments.

Non-surgical Facelift

As the face gets older, it reveals signs of ageing such as sagging skin, wrinkles and uneven skintone. For those who aren’t mentally or financially ready to commit to invasive facelift treatment, Doctor Nyla offers a non-surgical alternative that effectively tightens and smooths the face to give a younger appearance.

Nose to Mouth

With age, the nose to mouth area can start to show telltale signs such as jowls, wrinkles and loss of firmness. Doctor Nyla can help to tighten and smooth the area, maintaining a youthful appearance.


Pigmentation of the skin can be caused by a number of factors including illness, injury, medication, sun exposure and age. At Medispa Wilmslow we can treat these areas to maintain a flawless skin tone.


Ageing, sun damage, genetics and lifestyle can contribute to enlarged pore size. At Medispa Wilmslow we can help you to reduce the size of your pores, leaving a smooth and even complexion.

Red Veins

The appearance of obvious varicose and spider veins on the face or body can leave some of us feeling self conscious. At Medispa Wilmslow we offer solutions to safely remove these veins.


Scars form on the skin from a wound after injury, causing the body to produce extra collagen which helps the area to heal. This leaves thick, fibrous tissue in place of the normal skin surface. Most people have a scar somewhere, but some feel self conscious and would like to lessen the visibility of the area. At Medispa Wilmslow we offer treatments to minimise the appearance of scars.

Skin rejuvenation

Age and lifestyle can take its toll on our skin. At Medispa Wilmslow we offer the latest technologies to allow effective skin rejuvenation.


Stretch marks appear when the middle layer as the dermis tears to reveal deeper layers of skin, often due to rapid weight gain, growth spurts or in pregnancy. These can be treated at Medispa Wilmslow with the expertise and skill of Doctor Nyla.

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