What is Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is a hugely popular modern treatment that is in demand across the UK. 

However, what is it, who is it suitable for, what are the other options and which are the best options, are all key questions for first timers.

In this post, Doctor Nyla – winner of the Best UK Clinic and a true expert in fat freezing methods – answers these key questions.

Dr Nyla Champions Safe Practice in the £3 billion Non-Surgical Sector

“I am on a mission to get the non- surgical cosmetic treatment industry better regulated to protect men and women against ‘backstreet botch jobs Dr Nyla Raja

Woman on a Mission!

Lots of you know Doctor Nyla as the “Queen of Botox” or the Cheshire Beauty Queen, the glamourous and successful former GP with celebrity clients.

But do you really know her?

Improve Your Mental Health With Doctor Nyla

Mental health and wellbeing are high on the agenda these days – especially during the C19 pandemic. Anxiety, stress and body consciousness are some of the top factors that affect people’s mental health and here at Medispa Cheshire, Doctor Nyla is acutely aware of how important it is for cosmetic practitioners to understand the issues around people’s appearance and how to spot signs that a client may have a mental health problem.

Hair transplant in Birmingham? You need Dr Nyla!

When it comes to hair transplants and hair restoration, we think there is no-one better in the business than Dr Nyla. Dr Nyla offers a choice of hair restoration options – the more traditional FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and the cutting edge Artas iX.

Fat removal treatments in Birmingham with Doctor Nyla | Doctor Nyla Raja

We are all told that healthy eating and regular exercise is the way to lose and manage weight. Doctor Nyla would wholeheartedly agree with this and recommends as part of a post treatment lifestyle change, but for some of us there are hard to shift areas of fat that will not budge no matter how dedicated we are.

Anti wrinkle treatments in Birmingham offered by Doctor Nyla Raja

Doctor Nyla Raja and her team of medical professionals have performed over 65,000 treatments and is trusted by many celebrities and TV personalities throughout the UK

5 Amazing Cosmetic Treatments in Birmingham Offered by Dr Nyla Raja

What sets Dr Nyla apart from other cosmetic practitioners is her years of experience and attention to detail. Each patient is assessed individually, and treatments are carried out using by combining the principles of science and art.

What is Coolsculpting?

In this post, we will run through all the key details relating to Coolsculpting, including how it works, who it is suitable for, areas of the body it can target and also the alternatives.