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How long does it take for dermal fillers to dissolve?

Once Dr Nyla has worked her magic with dermal fillers and made you look like your very best self, you may start asking – how long does it take for dermal fillers to dissolve?

You can be forgiven for wishing that you could enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of your dermal fillers forever, but sadly the effect will diminish over time. This article will help you understand three important things if you’re wondering how long dermal fillers last:

  • Why dermal fillers dissolve
  • How long it takes for dermal fillers to dissolve
  • What to do after dermal fillers treatment.

Why do dermal fillers dissolve?

The active ingredient in your dermal filler injection is hyaluronic acid which is produced naturally by the body. Hyaluronic acid promotes lubrication and is found in the joints, the eyes, and especially the skin. In skin tissue, it absorbs water, which is why one of the benefits of dermal fillers is super hydrated skin. As hyaluronic acid is a natural product, it will gradually be absorbed by the body as the tissues renew themselves. The absorption process is started by a naturally occurring enzyme called hyaluronidase, which breaks down the bonds holding the hyaluronic gel together. 

Can I stop my dermal fillers from dissolving?

Unfortunately not. Dr Nyla’s clients find that their fillers last between six to 12 months, but it is hard to predict precisely how long the effect will last in an individual. The fillers in areas where the muscles are very active, like the lips, tend to dissolve relatively quickly, but it all depends on your individual metabolic rate. There is some evidence to suggest that fillers appear to last longer in younger faces because the skin is more collagen-rich which gives the tissues more structure. Older skin is less elastic and will droop quicker as the filler is absorbed into the surrounding tissues.


Dr Nyla will be able to advise you about when your fillers will need refreshing. Your top-up sessions will be an opportunity to tweak the quantity of filler as your face changes over time.




Can I make dermal fillers in my lips dissolve more quickly?

If you didn’t have lip fillers at Dr Nyla Medispa and you are not satisfied with the result, we can speed up the process of absorption for you.

Dr Nyla sees many clients who are unhappy with the results of lip fillers given by other therapists. Lip fillers are increasingly popular and are often provided by therapists who haven’t received appropriate training. Sometimes too much filler has been used, or the lips have been left lumpy or uneven. 


Unlike many other practitioners, Dr Nyla is a qualified doctor who understands the anatomy of your lips and can judge precisely the right amount of filler. Her expertise also means that she can dissolve your unwanted lip filler by injecting your lips with hyaluronidase and allowing the body to absorb the filler more rapidly.


You can find out more about dissolving lip fillers here.


What to do after dermal filler treatment

It pays to take a little care after the procedure to get the best from your fillers. Dermal fillers need time to settle into your tissues, and this process can be helped by avoiding any downward-facing postures like lying on your face or doing yoga for a few hours. Dr Nyla and our therapists will give you lots of great advice about caring for your face after your fillers and can answer all your questions at your consultation.