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How get rid cellulite on back of legs

Most of us have wondered how to get rid of cellulite on the back of the legs, buttocks, or stomach. After all, 98% of women are affected by cellulite to some degree. The bumpy pitted skin so characteristic of the condition usually appears after puberty and often gets worse with age. Widespread and harmless it may be, but ‘orange peel’ thighs make us less inclined to show a leg and can wreck our self-confidence.

Best Unison Cellulite Treatment CheshireWhat is cellulite?

Cellulite is formed by changes to the fat and muscle tissues under the skin. The fat cells respond to an unknown trigger to become enlarged. This increase in size causes them to bulge outwards, pushing up against the skin making it bumpy. Cords of connective tissue attach the skin to the muscles. This bulging of the fat cells forces these cords downwards, pulling on the skin causing more dimpling. Areas affected by cellulite also show changes to blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which can make the skin puffy.

Can I get rid of the cellulite on the backs of my legs at home?

For decades, dermatologists have been scratching their heads about cellulite and even came up with a cellulite severity scale in 2009. However, this is of little help to the average woman. Who wants to know that their skin has a ‘mattress’ appearance which puts them at grade three?

Until recently effective treatments were thin on the ground with advice concentrating on massage, diet, and exercise. 

Ivy has traditionally been considered to have slimming and anti-cellulite properties and is often an ingredient in body massage products that claim to reduce cellulite. It is unlikely that the ivy extract has any effect, but the massage may increase lymphatic drainage and temporarily reduce the puffiness associated with the condition.

Cellulite on the backs of the legs is a fat issue, so dieting will fix it, surely? Unfortunately, it is not so simple as it is impossible to spot reduce fat by dieting. In any case, a quick look around any beach or swimming pool shows that even women with relatively low levels of body fat are susceptible to cellulite.

Exercise, particularly squats, lunges, and steps ups will tone up the muscles in your thighs. The underlying cellulite won’t be affected, but the overall appearance of the backs of your legs will be improved.

Fortunately, science has now come to the rescue with some powerful anti-cellulite treatments and Dr Nyla has been a pioneer in offering these revolutionary therapies.

Anti-cellulite treatment at Dr Nyla Medispa

Successful treatment of cellulite requires some clever science that will target the cause of the issue. Dr Nyla Medispa offers innovative anti-cellulite therapies which will make significant and lasting improvements to the skin on the back of your legs.

When you come to the clinic, a highly trained therapist will assess your skin and design a bespoke treatment package for your individual needs.

We use three cellulite busting treatments: Unison cellulite treatment, Exilis Elite, and the M22 laser treatment. They all act in different ways, but all encourage the production of our favourite skin saviour, collagen.

The Unison cellulite treatment encourages your skin to produce more collagen with a combination of acoustic wave and radiofrequency technology. Boosting collagen production in the area affected by cellulite creates more tissue support and rejuvenates the skin. The Unison treatment also encourages more blood flow and improves the removal of excess fluid from the area.

 Lasers are a fantastic beauty tool, and the M22 laser treatment platform is no exception. This multi-function treatment improves a range of different skin issues, and the ResurFX application is very effective for treating cellulite on the backs of the legs. ResurFX uses laser technology to resurface skin affected by the ‘cottage cheese’ bumpiness of cellulite. 

Exilis Elite is an innovative treatment that also utilises radiofrequency technology, this time to reduce the size of fat cells, making it easier for the body to reabsorb them. The radiofrequency waves also stimulate the production of collagen. This treatment makes the skin on the backs of your legs look much tighter and smoother.

Dr Nyla’s mission is to make women feel great about themselves, and you can be sure that after a course of cellulite-busting treatment at her Medispa, you will have much more confidence in your appearance.

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