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How to reduce swelling after lip fillers

Lip fillers will give you gorgeous,  super-hydrated lips but don’t be surprised if you have a little swelling after your treatment. It will help to have a few tips on how to reduce swelling after lip fillers. The inflammation is usually at its worst the day after having the fillers but is only temporary and will go down naturally within a few days. 


There are a few things that you can do to help your lips to recover as quickly as possible.


Choose your practitioner wisely!

Dr Nyla has performed many thousands of lip filler treatments. She is a qualified doctor and understands the structure of your face and lips. This combination of knowledge, expertise, and experience means that she can give you the lips you have always dreamt of with minimal side effects like significant swelling.



Keep your cool

Ice packs or ice cubes are great for reducing swelling. Cover an ice cube in a smooth cloth and gently apply to lips. Be sure to use a material that won’t stick to your lips as that could hurt you when you remove it. Apply the ice gently and don’t press or massage your lips vigorously as this could encourage the filler to move around, wasting Dr Nyla’s work in carefully choosing injection sites for you! Heat can make swelling worse, so hot showers, saunas, and steam rooms are a bad idea for a day or so after your treatment.


Vigorous exercise that raises your heart rate and increases blood flow to your skin could cause further swelling and is best avoided. Gentle yoga stretching is great but avoid too much downward dog as holding a face-down posture for a long time too soon after your treatment could cause the filler to move around. Keep moving, but a walk would be better than a full-on gym session.

Watch your diet

Foods high in salt can cause fluid retention and encourage extra puffiness. You may also find that eating salty and spicy foods could irritate the skin of your lips if it is sensitive after the injections. Drinking plenty of water will help your body heal and reduce fluid retention.

Keep your head up

It would be helpful if you could keep your head elevated for a few hours after the treatment. Sleep sitting up, if you can, or at least with your head raised on a pillow. Staying upright will harness the action of gravity to encourage the excess fluid to drain from your lips. Don’t sleep on your side or face down, as both postures could encourage puffiness.

Dial down the passion

Sadly,  kissing is not recommended straight after your filler treatment! Anything that puts pressure on your lips could cause swelling to worsen. It would help if you avoided dental procedures for the same reason. Drinking through a straw can also be a culprit in prolonging swollen lips. Even using lip pencils may worsen swelling, but you will only need to be barefaced for twenty-four hours!

Soothe your lips

You could use a little allow vera to soothe your skin or arnica cream to alleviate bruising but ask Dr Nyla first before putting anything on your lips.

Taking a little extra care of your lips after your lip enhancement treatment will ensure the best results and you will soon have the luscious lips that you have always wanted!