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June Coverage – The Sun, Mail Online & Luxuria

June has been a busy month at The Medispa Wilmslow but it’s been an even busier month for the medical director Dr Nyla Raja. She has been covered four times as a cosmetic medical expert in four big publications. Find out more below:



Nigel Farage has denied undergoing cosmetic surgery despite sporting a strikingly more fresh-faced appearance than usual. The Sun wanted Dr Nyla’s opinion on the matter which was then later picked up by the Mail Online.

Celebrity cosmetic specialist Dr Nyla Raja agreed that the politician looks less wrinkled.

She said: “In my opinion, he has had a skin tightening treatment using radio frequency.

“This would shrink the tissue giving the appearance of a lesser eye bag, but which would not affect the lower orbital rim — the groove underneath the eye.

“I also think he has had Botox because the wrinkles around his eyes and on the forehead are less defined.”

Dr Raja, based at The Medispa in Wilmslow, Cheshire, added: “The lines from his nose to his mouth are also less apparent suggesting the use of dermal filler. He looks much better.”  – Read more in The Sun and Mail Online.

Subsequently a similar quote was later used in an article by the sun called Ex-Ukip leader Nigel Farage, 53, gets a YOUNGER look after ‘cosmetic work and Botox’ on his face and dyeing his hair.

The last piece of coverage was seen in Luxuria Lifestyle titles “Skincare Tips From Leading Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Nyla Raja & Bespoke Universkin”.

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