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Get Ready For Autumn With Dr Nyla

If summer has left your skin a little dry, make it as beautiful as the Autumn leaves with Mesotherapy and the Envy Facial.

September marks the beginning of Autumn, and we absolutely love the beauty this season brings. The leaves change colour, the air gets crisper and we get to indulge in hot chocolates, not to mention Halloween and Bonfire Night that are just around the corner. With so much promise, we all want to look our best. However, if the summer sun has left your skin looking a little dry, then make it Autumn-ready with the Envy Facial and Mesotherapy.





What Is Mesotherapy?


Mesotherapy is a great way to hydrate your skin, leaving it looking fresher, brighter and smoother. It involves using the U225 Intradermal Injector to micro-inject ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, nucleic acids, coenzymes, minerals and vitamins A, B, C, E and K into the middle layer (mesoderm) of the skin. These ingredients, which also occur naturally in the skin, stimulate collagen and elastin production, rejuvenating it.


What Can Mesotherapy Do?

  • Tighten Sagging Skin.
  • Reduces Lines and Wrinkles.
  • Aid Pigmented Skin.



What Are The Benefits Of Mesotherapy?

  • Restores skin by improving tone and combating sagging and the signs of ageing.
  • Gives skin a healthy glow.
  • Can be used on the hands, face and neck.
  • The treatment is non-invasive, requires no downtime and takes only 30 minutes of your time.
  • Various studies suggest its effectiveness, such as Grand-Vincent et al., (2017) and Tedeschi et al., (2015), who conclude:


‘’Our study suggests that mesotherapy with HA may effectively improve skin ageing and photoaging, as supported by quantifiable ultrasound data showing significant changes…over time.’’


Envy Facial


What Is The Envy Facial?


Envy is a fantastic resurfacing treatment that exfoliates dry skin cells, cleanses pores and infuses the skin with condition-specific serums such as Vitamin C, ‘Ultra Hydrating’ and ‘Skin Brightening’. By removing damaged skin, dirt and debris, your skin’s health and appearance is refreshed and renewed.


What Can The Envy Facial Do?

  • Lessen sun damage, dryness and cracking.
  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and discolouration.
  • Aid stretch marks.




What Are The Benefits Of The Envy Facial?

  • Like Mesotherapy, is non-invasive, requires no downtime and can also be used for all skin tones and types.
  • Can be used on the face and body.
  • Volumizes the skin, lasting 72 hours post-treatment.
  • Results in increased circulation which furthers the healing process.
  • Envy already has quite the famous following with Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison and Love Island’s Amber Davies impressed by the treatment, as well as Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson and Jade Thirlwall.


Make your skin as beautiful as the leaves with one of these fantastic treatments.