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Doctor Nyla’s Press Coverage In November

Doctor Nyla is one of the UK’s most highly-regarded and sought-after aesthetic doctors and is regularly asked to comment in the press on all kinds of news and events in the world of health and beauty. In November, she consulted for and was featured in publications like Grazia, Popsugar and Bustle, to name just a few! To read more from Doctor Nyla this month, please take a look at the articles below!


Grazia: November 11th –  The Tweakment Tart: The I Feel Bad About My Neck Edition.

Grazia’s Polly Vernon visited Doctor Nyla’s London clinic for Exilis Elite skin tightening around her neck and throat, and was absolutely thrilled with the results!


“My neck looks smoother and suppler and more stable and less like it’s trembling on the brink of collapse. My jaw is tightened. Everything is lifted. ‘It’s amazing!’”

“I bounce out of the building, barely half an hour after I went in, my new and improved chin held high.”


Popsugar: November 18th – 19 Dermatologist-Approved Moisturisers to Save Your Dry Skin From the Beast From the East.

Doctor Nyla was featured in this article talking about the incredible Intraceuticals skincare range and the benefits of this range as we move into the colder months.


“Not only does the Intraceuticals Opulence Moisturise Brightening Cream lock in moisture but it helps to create an even skin tone and delivers essential antioxidants, which brightens the skin”.

Bustle: November 5th – Do AI Skin Apps Actually Work? I Tested Out 5 & Here’s What I Found.

Bustle’s Fani Mari tested some of the new wave of AI Skincare recommendation tools, with varying degrees of success. 

Doctor Nyla believes in the holistic, in-person and professional approach to cosmetic dermatology, as an app can’t take the time to get to know you and your concerns: 


“I personally believe human interaction is better. These apps are also subject to various technical problems and can create issues such as body dysmorphia and encourage users to buy products specifically from that brand.”

“Dermatological issues, especially acne, can be difficult to talk about due to the negative effect it can have on confidence. Often, clients need physical interaction with a professional to talk through problems with their skin and have the assurance that it will be okay.” 

“According to a study published by the British Skin Foundation, nine in ten dermatologists agree with Doctor Nyla that not enough importance is placed on the psychological effects of skin conditions.”

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