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Doctor Nyla in The Sun

We are honoured that Doctor Nyla has been featured in The Sun

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Due to Doctor Nyla’s extensive experience and highly-regarded reputation within the aesthetics industry, she is regularly called upon for her expert analysis of the latest celebrity looks – determining whether they’ve had certain treatments, the effect this has had on them, and whether there are any ways that this could have been improved. It’s therefore no wonder that The Sun has repeatedly contacted Doctor Nyla for her expert opinion on Simon Cowell.

 Simon has been forced to deny that he has had a gastric band fitted


In the feature, Doctor Nyla weighs in on Simon Cowell’s remarkable appearance ahead of his 60th birthday, which, when compared with a computer-generated image of how he should look at his age, leads Doctor Nyla to believe he has had excessive Botox injections, as well as a number of other treatments. This was echoed in a previous feature, in which she stated:

“I suspect Simon’s fallen complexion is a combination of weight loss and also too much Botox. Injectables don’t need to be overdone and they don’t really need to change your appearance.

“Simon’s tightened jawline would have been achieved through a combination of ultrasound and dermal filler to lift, define and reshape his jaw. A combination of these treatments provides immediate results which improve in subsequent months.”

Her suspicions wouldn’t be without cause, as Simon himself has admitted that he’s used Botox before, as well as the Silhouette Soft Lift

Doctor Nyla believes in providing natural-looking results for her clients, ensuring that each is treated with suitable support and care. Beauty should be enhanced, so that her clients have the confidence to be their true, confident and stunning selves. Because this is important to her, she personally creates a bespoke treatment plan for each and everyone of her clients, based upon their needs during the consultation. She would never recommend a treatment that could harm them or treat clients that want to make such drastic changes, that they wouldn’t even look like themselves anymore. 

For example, you can see the fantastic results of our dermal fillers here. Choc-full of hyaluronic acid – which can help to volumize the skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles – our dermal fillers can rejuvenate the skin, and leave it looking visibly younger. It takes a true expert to do this right, and luckily, Doctor Nyla is one. This is emphasised by her recent win as ‘Top Cosmetic Clinic Award in the UK 2019’, and her fantastic testimonials from clients of both the regular and celebrity kind. 

Before & After: Dermal Fillers


You can read the full article here, which also discuss Simon Cowell’s rapid weight loss of 20lbs. 

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