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The ‘Lunch Hour’ Treatment

Tess Daly has recently revealed her secret to having ‘well-rested’ skin exclusively in The Telegraph article. Tess said “A friend of mine had had the treatment a few months earlier, and she looked so great. She looked well rested and her skin was glowing. I thought ‘ok, let’s give this a go’. I loved the fact that Ultherapy boosts your own collagen for natural-looking results, and that it was a non invasive treatment.I think it’s quite a revelation really.”

Ultherapy has become an increasingly popular skin tightening treatment over the past few years amongst other celebrities as well, with Jennifer Aniston, Gweynth Partlow and Kim Kardashian turning to the noninvasive procedure. The FDA approved treatment turns back the clock on ageing by lifting, tightening and smoothing out the skin on the face, neck and eyebrow area. It uses a tried-and-tested ultrasound technology to gradually strengthen your skin from deep within. This revolutionary non surgical face lift takes between 60-90 minutes and you can resume all daily activities following your treatment as no downtime is required whatsoever!

Doctor Nyla creates personalised treatment plans for each and every one of her patients, to ensure they receive the best possible results. Invest in self-care and boost your confidence by rejuvenating your appearance and restoring a more youthful complexion with Ultherapy.

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