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Our clinic in Alderley Edge is only a 15 minute drive away from Wythenshawe, making it the perfect location for clients looking for a reputable clinic full of friendly and welcoming aesthetic experts. Clients visit us from all over Wythenshawe, as well as from nearby villages and towns including Brooklands, Broadheath, Gatley and Cheadle. Our convenient location means that we can provide treatments to all of Wythenshawe’s residents – including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, IV Drips and Ultracel, as well as laser hair removal, Profhilo, CoolSculpting and Exilis Elite. Whichever of our treatments you choose, our lovely team will welcome you with open arms and ensure you receive the great results that you desire.

We like to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible, so we always recommend fun things to do in the local area to make your day complete. Wythenshawe is alive with art, culture and greenery – boasting the beautiful Wythenshawe Park, where you can unwind and explore the historic landmarks, as well as Wythenshawe Community Farm. Your children will love to meet the animals who inhabit the farm, which include cows, sheep, pigs, ducks and horses, as well as their prize-winning herd of Hereford cattle. The town centre also offers over 90 retailers, indoor and outdoor markets and a range of eateries and restaurants where you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

A stone’s throw away from Manchester, Wythenshawe really can offer it all, and so can we, with our fantastic staff, beneficial treatments and highly-regarded clinic. Our cosmetic clinic is not only the largest outside of London, but is the only Diamond Premier clinic outside of London too. Highlighting our commitment to clients and the industry as a whole, you can be certain that at Doctor Nyla, you’ll receive a treatment that will not only meet your aesthetic needs, but exceed them. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for an aesthetic clinic that you can trust, then look no further than Medispa Cheshire, and discover how much we care about your comfort and well-being, and providing you with the best possible results.

At Doctor Nyla, we understand the impact that ageing can have on our clients, and how fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet are just one part of the story. Lowered self-confidence and concern over looking ‘old’ can lead to feelings of unattractiveness, which we believe no-one should ever feel. Therefore we feel it our duty to offer our clients with a unique approach to ageing that not only reduces the current signs of ageing, but prevents the ageing process from developing further. However, this is a delicate process, and one that if done incorrectly, could damage your face. It’s therefore imperative that you find a Botox specialist that you know you can trust. At Doctor Nyla, we’ve successfully administered over 65,000 Botox treatments, so are best placed to cater to your anti-ageing needs.

When injected by a trained specialist such as Doctor Nyla and her medical team, Botox can get to the root cause of your wrinkles, and repair from within. Infusing the muscle with purified proteins that temporarily freezes them, facial movement is reduced, and therefore so are your current fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving the face smooth and rejuvenated, you’ll look and feel like you again.

Botox is also great for treating medical conditions such as migraines, facial flushing and excessive sweating, along with tightening the jowls and enhancing lip fillers. Popular with both our celebrity and loyal clientele, the treatment takes 15 minutes, and due to its effectiveness – results can last up to 6 months. This truly is a fantastic treatment that will give your face that new lease of life, and give you back yours.

We can use Botox to treat wrinkles including:

  • Frown lines – Squinting and frowning tend to leave deep wrinkles in the skin across the forehead, and are caused by the gathering of tissue between the eyebrows into a fold.
  • Crow’s Feet – Fine lines that form around the eyes, usually caused by sun exposure, smoking and the loss of collagen that ageing causes.
  • Bunny Lines – Wrinkles that start near the corner of your eye and extend downward, or horizontally, on your nose.
  • Necklines – These include horizontal ‘necklace lines’ and vertical ‘platysmal bands’ and can be caused by genetics, ageing, sun exposure and ‘text neck’ – which is looking down at your phone too much.
  • Marionette Lines – Marionette lines are the vertical lines that start from the corners of the mouth and appear either side of the chin

Dermal Fillers are small injections of gel that contain beneficial ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. Plumping up skin that is lacking volume either naturally or due to ageing, dermal fillers can improve the appearance of smile lines, lip lines, wrinkles and sunken cheeks, as well as enhancing the cheekbone, chin and jawline. Filling in and smoothing out these skin-based concerns, they will leave the treated area glowing, fuller and sculpted.

During your treatment, Doctor Nyla or her medical team will inject the perfect amount of filler into your chosen area. The hyaluronic acid stimulates the production of collagen which mends the connective tissues within your skin, lifting it back up and tightening it in the process. With results noticeable straight away, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try our dermal fillers sooner.

When injected into the lips, lip fillers enhance their volume and definition, reduce the appearance of surrounding lines and provide the lips with a fuller aesthetic. Lip fillers can also address a flat lip shape, thin lip volume and a philtrum ridge that is flat and undefined, as well as a vermillion border that needs some care.

Doctor Nyla is a leading expert in dermal filler and lip filler treatments and helps clients in Wythenshawe feel comfortable during the treatment. During the session, a local anaesthetic cream is firstly applied to the treatment area for maximum comfort. We’ll then inject the filler in a series of small injections. The treatment typically takes 20 minutes, making it great for fitting into a busy schedule. The best things about dermal fillers are that the results are noticeable straight away, and the results can last for up to 12 months. A top up treatment can then be administered to keep your lips looking luscious for as long as possible.

As we get older, it can seem as if the ease with which we were once able to lose weight has now become an uphill battle, and no matter what we do, that fat just won’t budge. Diet and exercise seem to make no difference, and neither do diet supplements. It’s important to know that this all a normal part of ageing – with stress levels, genetics and metabolism all contributing factors. Especially if you’d had children, trying to shed those pounds to no avail can impact your self-esteem, and make you long for who you once were. Having gone through these feelings herself, Doctor Nyla understands the difficulties that come with losing weight, and this is what inspired her search for effective treatments that could target these concerns. We’re proud to offer our clients a range of fat reduction and body contouring treatments, including CoolSculpting, LIPOcel and Aqualyx Lipotherapy.

CoolSculpting is widely-considered the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment, due to its fast-acting results and ability to treat a vast array of body parts. Targeting stubborn fat that just won’t budge, and gradually contouring the body into perfection, CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling to freeze and remove unwanted fat cells without the discomfort and downtimes that accompanies more invasive treatments such as liposuction and the tummy tuck.

The stomach, flank and thighs can all benefit from a CoolSculpting treatment, as can the arms, back, chin and buttocks. The treatment itself is extremely relaxing, simply requiring you to lay on our heated beds, while we regulate the CoolSculpting machine attached to you. The whole process takes approximately 45 minutes, and with results noticeable within 3 weeks, you’ll regain that confidence you may have lost. Many of our clients see up to 40% reduction in fat in the treated area – a true testament to the fact that we’re the only Diamond premiere Coolsculpting clinic in the UK too, and the great results we provide our clients with.

LIPOcel and Aqualyx Lipotherapy are two other fantastic fat reduction treatments we offer here at Doctor Nyla. LIPOcel uses ultrasound to target and break down stubborn fat cells, and tighten the skin. LIPOcel can be used to treat areas as varied as the stomach, arms, knees and love handles, leaving no visible marks on the skin following treatment. With Aqualyx Lipotherapy, a specially-formulated compound solution is injected into the treatment area which liquifies the fat cells and breaks them down, before being carried away by the lymphatic system. The treatment we recommend will depend on your needs and the areas you would like to target, which we’ll discuss with you during your thorough consultation.

There’s nothing wrong with a face that has character, but if you are looking for a natural, youthful beauty, then certain characteristics aren’t going to cut it. Not only do fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin add years to the face and body, but uneven texture and tone can hinder your efforts to look young. Fortunately, at Doctor Nyla, we offer a variety of skin lifting, tightening and firming treatments that provide the ultimate in skin rejuvenation.

Ultracel and Ultherapy are two client favourite treatments that can tighten and lift excess skin that’s formed as a result of ageing, and is available to clients located in Wythenshawe and the surrounding area.

Ultracel uses ultrasound, radiofrequency and microneedling to target all layers of the skin to leave it so much smoother. Whereas ultrasound targets the SMAS layer of skin to encourage collagen production, Grid Fractional Radio Frequency sends heat to the dermis and epidermis to stimulate elastin production – key in the structural support of collagen which tightens the skin. Microneedling sends heat to the deeper layers of the skin, causing these deep structures to tighten too.

Along with treating fine lines and wrinkles, Ultracel can reduce sagging in the neck and jowls, and boost your skin’s texture and tone. Also perfect for brow lifts, and to target acne and associated scarring, your skin will look fabulous in no time, as the results are noticeable straight away.

Ultherapy, on the other hand, just uses ultrasound to target the SMAS layer. Lifting and tightening skin on the jowls, neck, eyebrows and jawline, it can also restore skin around the decolletage and eye area. By deeply heating the skin’s underlying skin tissue, collagen and elastin are produced, resulting in firmer skin, less sagging and fewer wrinkles as the healing process takes hold. Using ultrasound imaging, we can ensure ultrasound is being targeted at the right places for an effective treatment, making Ultherapy one of the most precise treatments available worldwide. With results noticeable 3 – 6 months following treatment, you won’t believe how radiant, lifted and re-sculpted your skin looks.

The right treatment for you is just a consultation away.

Doctor Nyla (MBCHB, MRCGP, DFFP, DPDermatology, BACD) does not take her role as a trusted aesthetic expert lightly, and is committed to providing only the very best in client care, treatment provision and support throughout. Her approach, which includes unique and personalised treatment plans that take clients’ medical histories into account, ensures their safety, that we fully understand their desires, and that we can provide them with results that they are happy with. Doctor Nyla and her team’s passion drive our success, explaining why we are so trusted by TV personalities, well-known celebrity figures and some of Britain’s most familiar faces in the media industry.

Winner of the Top ‘Cosmetic Clinic Award in the UK 2019’, and regular recipient of positive client feedback and testimonials that mean the world to us, we ensure that clients receive a treatment that can make a real difference to their own personal happiness. Our status as the largest skin tightening clinic in the UK sees our clients visiting us from across the nation, allowing us to attend to their needs as effectively as possible. Therefore, if you’ve been considering a Carbon Peel, non-surgical nose reshaping, Exilis Elite, a hair transplant or something more specific, we’ll take you through the treatment in your consultation, and check your suitability for it. Safety comes first here, as does your current beauty.

If you live in Wythenshawe and want to find out more about Doctor Nyla’s approach to aesthetics, the variety of treatments we have on offer, and to book your consultation with Doctor Nyla, please call us today on 0800 009 6661.

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