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Our hair plays such a big part in our appearance. It frames the face, can be altered to match current trends and has the power to enhance your beauty. Complementing your features, a good hairstyle can make you feel smarter and more confident, allowing you to show the world how fantastic you truly are. Therefore, when you start experiencing alopecia, hair loss or noticeable baldness, it can have a negative effect on self-esteem. For some people, it can cause anxiety and even depression, as well as fear that their looks are starting to go. If you’ve been considering what to do about this, then take our advice and try ARTAS – the best hair restoration treatment in the world.


What Is ARTAS And How Can It Help?

ARTAS is a minimally-invasive hair restoration treatment that uses digital imagery and robotic precision to harvest healthy hair grafts for transplantation. A clinically proven procedure, it can help with problems such as thinning hair, baldness and the effects of ageing.

At Doctor Nyla, we use the ARTAS iX machine, because, compared to others such as the 9X, it doesn’t allow for direct injection of the grafts into the scalp (implantation). With the 9X, this has to be done manually, whereas the iX uses robotic precision.


Our Process – What Happens During An ARTAS Treatment?

  • Before your treatment, the hair surgeon will sit with you and discuss your hair loss concerns, pattern, medical history and family history, as well as what you want from this treatment. They will then go into detail about what ARTAS involves, expected results and the impact it will have.
  • Should you feel it’s right for you, we’ll then use the ARTAS Hair Studio to create your customised hair restoration solution as a 3D model. This simulates your results, showing the number of grafts needed and the optimal hairline design to meet your requirements.
  • Then, using the stereoscopic vision system, hair is intelligently harvested with robotic precision to preserve the natural look of your donor area (where the ‘hair’ will be taken from).
  • A customised hairline is then designed using the ARTAS System’s Recipient Site Making technology – creating the perfect distribution for harvested hair follicles that avoids damaging natural hair.
  • Your hair is then transplanted into thinning areas, taking around 5-8 hours in total. We know this may seem long, but don’t worry – we do everything we can to ensure your comfort throughout the day.


Results do vary dependent on age, medical history and lifestyle, but many clients do experience noticeable results after 2 months. Thicker, permanent and more luscious hair starts growing around 6-9 months later, with continued growth over time. 



‘’Aiding the clinician throughout the entire procedure, ARTAS mitigates clinician fatigue, increases throughput relative to manual procedures, and avoids damaging the hair follicle through use of the robotic implanter.” Robotic, AI-assisted Follicular Unit Excision And Implantation For Hair Restoration With ARTAS iX | American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Annual Meeting

Why Is ARTAS Better Than Traditional Methods Of Hair Restoration?

Traditional methods of hair restoration include hair plugs and manual handheld procedures, such as the NeoGraft device. 

Hair plugs involve the harvesting of large patches of hair, resulting in an unnatural appearance once implanted. With ARTAS, hairs are harvested in their natural groupings and then transplanted individually. This ensures you get the look that you desire, which includes a better looking hairline and a fuller head of hair.

Because the success of treatments involving handheld devices are largely dependent on the skill and experience of the surgeon, it leaves much room for error. The surgeon has to ensure that harvesting happens at a natural distance apart and that the hair follicles do not get transected. With ARTAS, there is mapping and automatic safeguards to ensure success.


What Are The Benefits Of ARTAS?

  • ARTAS eliminates the guesswork, fatigue, scarring, complications and downtime associated with handheld alternatives, and other invasive treatments.
  • Because long incisions and stitches aren’t required, your hair restoration is virtually undetectable, creating a very natural look.
  • You can go home straight after the treatment, and we will advise you on aftercare. This includes the medications and creams you can take to lessen any discomfort, as well as the activities you should avoid for 2 days following treatment.
  • The results are permanent, mimicking the natural growth of hair, and ensuring you don’t worry about future baldness.
  • A boost in confidence, an increase in self-esteem and the ability to change your hairstyle as often as you’d like.




‘’I experienced my first aesthetic treatment this week at Dr Nyla’ clinic and have to say how thankful I am to all the staff that made my experience wonderful. From the moment I entered the clinic I felt welcomed and valued as a client. During the treatment the therapist clearly explained the treatment and addressed my questions and expectations about the results. Highly recommend them – professional, knowledgeable and welcoming.’’ Chris Young


Why Choose Doctor Nyla?

  • Dr Nyla (MBCHB. MRCGP. DFFP. DPDermatology. BACD) is a widely accredited and highly sought-after skin specialist, having personally delivered over 65,000 procedures with exceptional results.
  • Her clinic has recently won Top ‘Cosmetic Clinic Award in the UK 2019’ based on her achievements within the field, and her reputation with celebrities, TV personalities and some of the most familiar faces in the media industry.
  • Her cosmetic clinic is not only the largest outside of London, but is the only Diamond Premier clinic outside of London too.
  • It is also the only clinic in the UK to offer ARTAS iX, emphasizing the confidence that ARTAS has in us.
  • She only offers the best treatments available and takes pride in her team’s capabilities, emphasized by the positive testimonials that everyone receives.


The picture of Dr. Nyla Raja team taken during one of the business meetings.


Call us today on 01625 324061 or email ask@drnyla.com for more information on ARTAS, and to book your consultation today. 

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