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The Best Treatments For Red Veins

Don’t let your red veins make you feel unattractive or love your legs any less. Treat them with Sclerotherapy or Harmony IPL – the best treatments out there!

We all want beautiful smooth skin that we feel comfortable in, so noticing unsightly spider veins or varicose veins on our legs can make us feel unattractive and be a cause of concern. Therefore, we present two treatments that will help clear the cobwebs from both your legs and your mind, boosting your confidence in the process.




What Are Red Veins?


Red Veins can be of two types: Spider Veins or Varicose Veins.


Spider Veins: Groups of tiny blood vessels that form close to the skin’s surface, resembling spider webs. Usually found on the face and legs, they can be red, blue or purple.


Varicose Veins: Enlarged veins that appear above the skin’s surface that may be blue, purple or skin-coloured. Typically found on the legs.


Red Veins May Be Caused By:


  • Genes.
  • Hormones, such as those caused by Pregnancy, Puberty and the Menopause.
  • Obesity.
  • Blood Clots.
  • Exposure to UV Rays.


What Are The Best Treatments For Red Veins?


Treatment 1: Sclerotherapy


This procedure involves injecting a highly concentrated saline solution into the vein, causing the lining of the blood vessel to swell and clump together, clotting the blood. The vein will scar, and then gradually disappear within 6 weeks.


What Are The Benefits Of Sclerotherapy?

  • It’s non-invasive, requires no anaesthesia or downtime.
  • The procedure is quick, lasting approximately 20-40 minutes.
  • Your skin will appear smoother, healthier and free of noticeable veins.
  • Results are usually seen within a few weeks.


Various studies highlight its success. For example, Subbarao, Aradhya and Veerabhadrappa (2013) conclude in their study on sclerotherapy in the management of varicose veins:


‘’Sclerotherapy is a simple, safe and effective procedure for the treatment of varicose veins and its dermatological complications. The procedure is particularly effective for smaller, early varicosities and also for residual veins after surgery. Hence, we recommend more and more of our fellow dermatologists to take up this procedure, which can be an efficient tool to manage patients with varicose veins and its related complications’’.


Treatment 2: Harmony IPL


This treatment involves pulses of intense light, which are aimed at the ‘feeder’ part of the vein or capillary. This heats the skin, coagulating the blood in the vessel, which your body will break down ultimately decreasing the size of the blood vessels.


What Are The Benefits Of Harmony IPL?

  • It’s non-invasive, requires no downtime or anaesthesia, though topical anaesthetic can be applied should you experience discomfort.
  • The procedure is fast, lasting around 20 minutes.
  • Results are noticeable straight away. Some blood vessels disappear immediately and some will change colour to match your skin tone.


Goldberg (2012) outlines various positive results in his review of studies on IPL, concluding:


‘’Intense pulsed technology is a highly versatile, safe, and effective modality for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions, hypertrichosis, and epidermal and dermal atrophy associated with photoaging, as well as acne, rosacea, actinic keratoses, and nonmelanoma skin cancers.’’



Benefits that both Sclerotherapy and Harmony IPL share:

  • If you currently experience pain due to your varicose veins, then this is relieved.
  • Increased confidence in wearing skirts, shorts and dresses that show off your fabulous legs.




How Can I Prevent Future Red Veins?

  • Exercise daily and maintain a healthy diet.
  • Don’t cross your legs while seated.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting and standing.
  • Don’t wear tight-fitting clothes, especially around your waist and legs.




Like to rid your legs of red veins? Make them fantastic by booking one of our fabulous treatments below.