Lustre Light

Lustre Light acne treatment has been tried and tested by leading acne clinics for over 40 years and is offered by Medispa at our clinics in Cheshire, Birmingham, Liverpool and Harley Street London, for their patients.

Many people suffer from acne in their teens which extends out into their 20’s and 30’s. It’s a skin disorder that can have serious mental and physical effects. The successful way of combating acne and enabling clear skin is to try Lustre Light, a blue light that will help to keep acne away.



Is Lustre Light safe to use and are there any side effects?

Natural blue light doesn't have any harmful effects on the skin if it's used at the correct distance of 415mm. Blue light therapy has been used to treat acne for 40 years and it's proven to deliver amazing results. This natural light therapy has shown to have no side effects making it a safe way of combating acne.

What is the science behind Lustre Light?

The spot causing bacteria produces a chemical called Porphyrin and clinical trials show that when the natural blue light is directed onto the problem area, it kills the Porphyrin.It does this by exciting the bacteria Porphyrin which attaches to the spot and then it causes bacteria to destroy the acne. Frequent use of the blue light prevents any further bacteria and spots from developing, keeping the acne away.

Can Lustre Light be used on my acne?

In most cases yes you will be able to use Lustre Light on your acne unless you suffer with:

- Solar urticaria
- Chronic actinic dermatitis
- Photosensitivity

A consultation with us will help to determine whether Lustre light acne treatment is the right skin procedure for you.

How does Lustre Light work?

Firstly, Lustre Light is not harmful because it points a blue light at the skin at a safe wavelength of 415mm-this kills the bacteria which is responsible for acne.

Get flawless skin with Lustre Light treatment at our Cheshire, Liverpool or Harley Street London clinics – contact Doctor Nyla for more information.