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Hair Transplant Manchester

Live in Greater Manchester, and interested in a high quality hair transplant? We have great news for you.

For those looking for a hair transplant in Manchester, please consider Doctor Nyla’s clinic – one of just three globally to offer the ARTAS iX robotic hair transplant procedure.

There are of course many clinics and surgeons offering hair transplant procedures in Manchester and the north west, many with fine reputations.

In this page, we will provide details relating to why you should consider the robotic Artas hair transplant option – outlining the benefits of this form of the procedure and how it differs from other options.

As this is new, cutting edge technology, you may well have some questions. If so, please do contact us on 01625 523307 or use our Contact Form.

The Benefits of a Hair Transplant

Irrespective of the technology used and the clinic chosen, a hair transplant is a procedure that can have huge benefit.

Hair follicles are grafted from a donor site and then inserted to encourage new hair growth, over time this growing into thick, luscious hair once more.

Physical benefits are obvious, baldness, male pattern baldness, thinning hair, a receding hair line or other common hairless issue addressed.

However there are also psychological benefits, these often the key reason for seeking this form of cosmetic surgery.

Hair loss and other concerns that make a hair transplant appealing can play on someone’s self confidence. Hair can be a key part of our appearance and so a problem can be a near-constant cause of anxiety and stress.

The impact can be seen in both private life and professional – confidence and enhanced self-esteem helping with relationships and also giving you that edge in the workplace.

The psychological benefits are hard to measure, but can be profound nonetheless. Much depends on how much the hair loss or baldness worries the person. Someone who has hair loss but is completely unaffected would clearly benefit less from treatment than someone for whom it is a cause for concern.

Standard Hair Transplant Procedures in Manchester

Most, virtually all hair transplant offerings in the region don’t use robotic technology.

Instead, they rely totally on the surgeon – their skill, patience and ability to perform a manual task over and over for many, many hours.

Using technology such as a NeoGraft machine, the surgeon uses a machine that removes hair follicles by air pressure and suction. The process is entirely surgeon led – it is a task requiring great patience over many hours.

Surgeons of course have many skills and in many instances you would want a human rather than a machine. Whether this is true for hair transplants and the selection of follicles is debatable.

Hair follicles have to be selected the perfect distance apart, the new hairline designed ensuring the best distribution.

A standard hair transplant relies completely on the surgeon, a robotic hair transplant utilises surgeon skill and experience, but leaves some of the repetitive manual tasks to a machine, thus utilising both human and machine for the elements where they have a natural advantage.

The Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure

Artas-Hair-Transplant-MachineAs with any hair transplant procedure, the first step would always be a lengthy and detailed consultation.

The aim of this consultation is for the prospective patient to talk through the history of their hair loss and their aims for the surgery. The surgeon can advise as to the results achievable.

If there is then a desire to follow through with the procedure, the process then is subtly different to a hair transplant using more basic methods.

The ARTAS Hair Studio creates a customised 3D model, showing what your hair will look once surgery has been completed and hair has had time to grow in. The pattern baldness, hair thinning or other issue would be resolved.

The fact that this simulation is based on technology and the machine’s algorithm means there is a high degree of accuracy. Rather than it being solely the surgeon’s opinion, it is based on computer modelling.

ARTAS’ Artificial IntelligenceTM algorithms then identify the best follicles to be harvested, this through a high definition stereoscopic vision system.

The technology has played a key part up to this stage and then the robotic machinery comes to the fore – hair is harvested with robotic precision, selecting those follicles chosen as being optimal, and this in the ideal pattern to maintain the health of the donor site. The machine can perform this task better than human hand – it simply harvests the follicles in a minimally invasive way, repeating this over and over, the same process every time without risk of error.

This procedure can take up to eight hours, but the clinic endeavours to make the time pass pleasurably – it can be pleasant ‘me time’ rather than feeling like a lengthy procedure.

Results are not instantaneous, the hair needs to grow of course. First results can be seen inside two months, fuller results with thicker hair typically coming after six to nine months. Results will accord with the 3d model of your revised hairline and head of hair created by the modelling software.

See a video of the procedure below and read our guide to robotic hair transplants:

Further Information About Hair Transplants in Manchester

It is common to have questions and queries relating both to hair transplants in general and also the new robotic technology. Please get in touch so we can answer any questions you may have.

You may be concerned about scarring or post procedure recovery.

The good news is that scarring is much less of an issue with a robotic hair transplant. Whereas purely manual procedures can lead to linear scarring that can be visible in a crew cut, side parting or other short style, this is not the case when ARTAS’ technology is used. We can demonstrate the lack of scarring in patient images both before and after the procedure.

As for the recovery – daily activities can be returned to inside just a couple of days. There is a need to follow a few simple instructions, for instance the first hair wash post procedure should use only lukewarm water. However, these few recommendations are easy to follow and you would of course be provided with full details.

This is not a procedure that then impacts heavily on what you can and can’t do post procedure.

We’re also often asked if the results last. The great news is that they are and, perhaps best of all, this new hair transplanted in is not subject to issues such as male pattern baldness. You have new hair growth that is there for the long term.

Where Can I Get A Hair Transplant in Manchester?

Dr Nyla’s clinic is the local clinic that offers the ARTAS iX robotic hair transplant procedure.

If you would like to arrange a consultation, or simply want further advice please contact us today. Call us on 01625 523 307 or use the Contact Form.