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Located by the River Dean, surrounded by open green spaces and with a charming town centre, Adlington is one of the most desirable settings in Cheshire.

It is also a town with superb transport links and this is of huge benefit when seeking to travel for cosmetic treatments – just 15 minutes away is Doctor Nyla’s MediSpa Clinic in Alderley Edge.

While Adlington has a degree of hustle and bustle you would associate with a thriving village, the clinic’s setting is even more relaxed – fulfilling the perfect mix of being accessible and yet also secluded and calming.

A clinic in a major town or city may have superb treatments but the setting is not conducive to relaxation, the experience as a whole not as enjoyable as it otherwise could be.

Equally, a clinic could be located in a hidden away spot in the heart of the Lake District – beautiful no doubt, but who wants to travel for hours?

Alderley Edge therefore offers the best of both worlds – a quiet, stunning setting, yet also nearby. Those who visit have a treatment and then go about the rest of their day as usual.

The MediaSpa Cheshire’s status as the top clinic is recognition of a number of factors.

Of course, the treatments have to be superb and they must be a wide range of available treatments. These are the leading versions too – the highest quality of dermal filler, Coolsculpting as the fat freezing option, hair transplants such as FUE and FUT technology.

The skill and experience of the staff are essential – Doctor Nyla adheres to the highest of standards and is an advocate for greater quality control in the field of non-surgical treatments.

Doctor Nyla is a fully trained doctor who has delivered thousands of treatments and across multiple, independent review sites she holds an unblemished five-star reputation.

Clients are only ever recommended treatments that are truly of benefit. We also appreciate that you will not be an expert on the many forms of treatment – you may know you wish to address signs of ageing, or reduce troublesome fat pockets, but how best to do this.

We talk you through the available options, the benefits of each and suggest a plan of best action. We want nothing more than to deliver the results that will provide the profound improvement you seek.

The clinic itself is fitted to the highest of standards and provides a wonderful, calming atmosphere – whether you are coming for consultation or treatment. Every aspect is based on quality – the setting may be Alderley Edge, a few short miles from Bollington, but it feels like a luxury clinic on southern Europe.

Many celebrities and famous faces come to the clinic, but everyone is made to feel like a celebrity. Everyone is given the highest level of service and care.

Visit the clinic and you will benefit from expert advice, the leading treatments and highly qualified staff – all this in a luxurious, relaxing setting.

These factors make the clinic the best not just in Bollington, or Cheshire, or the north west, but the best in the UK.

A common reason for seeking non-surgical treatments is to address signs of ageing – sadly ageing comes to us all, but it can still be distressing and stressful.

We have a wide range of treatments that can help wipe the years away, leaving you looking more youthful, rejuvenated, energised but still yourself.

No two people age in the same way and so it is not possible to suggest the best treatment in a web page. instead, a detailed consultation would be held and we would advise as to how best to make the changes you seek.

For some, this might be a singular, quick to administer treatment, while others may benefit from a. Bespoke package of procedures, this producing what can be known as a non-surgical facelift.

Many benefit from injectables – dermal fillers and Botox.

These work in different ways, but both address visible signs of ageing such as lines and wrinkles.

Fillers stimulate collagen creation, and so make the skin in the targeted area firmer, those lines and signs of ageing removed from within as the skin regains lost definition.

Botox works as a nerve suppressant, stopping the contractions of muscles that lead to lines – for instance lines around the eye and the mouth.

A highly experienced expert such as Doctor Nyla knows which option to choose in each instance and how to use a collection of treatments to achieve the very best results.

You do not need to be an expert in which treatment you need – do the lines around your eyes need dermal filler or Botox? Don’t worry – Doctor Nyla has administered thousands of treatments and knows precisely how to work with any individual.

What can be said in all instances is that these non-surgical options can produce results every bit as profound as can be achieved through full surgery, and yet with none of the downside of high cost, lengthy recovery period or invasive surgery.

Full surgery is becoming increasingly unpopular as people realise that through modern options they can remedy signs of ageing via quick, affordable treatments – treatments that work naturally with the body rather than requiring skin to be cut and stitched.

It is not just lines and wrinkles that can be removed. Fillers can add volume to sunken cheeks, remove tear troughs, strengthen a ‘weak’ jawline, or even improve the neck area.

As we age we are also all susceptible to some weight gain, including localised pockets of fat. An option such as fat freezing can remove this fat for good.

Skin can be tightened and given new radiance, impurities removed through an option such as a carbon peel.

It all starts with that consultation – silky get in touch and come in for a chat about the signs of ageing that concern you. We will do the rest. You won’t just look more youthful, you may well look the best you’ve ever looked.

However much we exercise, however good our diet, we are all prone to localised pockets of fat.

The body likes to retain these as a form of insurance policy – energy it can use if ever required – we, as the owner of that body, would rather this fat wasn’t there.

For some it is the abdomen, others might be prone to fat creating a docile chin, or it may be the arms or thighs. In all instances it is annoying.

No amount of targeted exercise will quickly address this issue, instead a treatment to target the fat cells specifically in this region is required.

These non-surgical treatments are options such as fat freezing, LIPOcel and Aqualyx, this an injectable that dissolves fat cells.

All treatments broadly work in the same way – they target the fat cells (and only the fat cells), killing them off. The cells are then naturally expelled by the body over time.

The fart is then gone for good, the fat cells no longer in existence. The double chin is no more, the fat on the abdomen a thing of the past.

Doctor Nyla’s team would advise as to the best treatment option in your specific case – a huge benefit of entrusting us is that we have so many options.

They are all wonderful treatments, but each is slightly more suited to certain types of fat removal and certain parts of the body. We don’t have to follow a one-size-fits-all approach.

We also have the best versions of treatments, for instance the fat freezing options we utilise at our clinic close to Adlington is Coolsculpting, this the FDA approved version of the technology.

If you have any areas of the body where you have annoying, hard-to-shift pockets of fat, we can provide the perfect treatment.

Often in unison with treatment such as fillers or Botox, skin tightening and lifting can also bring new radiance to your complexion.

At the MediSpa clinic, were have treatments that include Ultracel and Ultherapy, both of these work by heating deep layers of the skin to stimulate ongoing collagen and elastin creation.

The treatments therefore simply work in a completely natural way.

As we age, collagen is depleted and this does so much to cause the signs of ageing that can be so distressing. Any treatment that encourages new collagen creation is therefore simply reversing a sign of ageing and doing so in a way that is in tune with the body’s natural processes.

Naturally, if you are having a treatment that heats deep layers of skin, you want the very best versions of this technoloigy, options that closely monitor skin temperature and have full approval.

We use only the very latest technology, options that have full FDA approval and safety measures, including automatic cut off if any layer of skin starts to get too warm.

The results are stunning – the treatments knocking years off someone’s appearance and yet, as with all treatments still leading you look yourself. A great, energised version of yourself, not the clear look of ‘work having been done’.

Most, if not all of our clients never again give any thought to a full surgical procedure once they have seen what can be achieved through these kinder methods.

Fir those concerned about hair loss, our clinics have several options and can advise as to the best in your case.

FUE technology is the leading option in many ways as it takes the hair follicles to be grafted in the most precise manner, each individually taken in a way that leads to minimal scarring at the donor site.

FUT, by way of contrast, produces the same incredible hair regrowth, but takes a strip of hair from the sample site.

For those who have longer hair, this do not site might be easy to hide, for others who like shorter hair – including the majority of male haircuts – this visible scarring might make this a less appealing option.

ARTAS iX uses robotic technology to perform the procedure with computerised precision.

As with all treatments mentioned on this page, it is impossible to suggest the best option in your case without a full consultation. What is certain though is that there are sure to be compelling solutions.

Many, many more treatments are available too. These treatments will boost your appearance but also self esteem and confidence too.

Everyone likes to look at their best and so causes for concern can weight greatly on our mind. Addressing these can do so much more than simply making us look better, they can change how we feel about ourselves, the self we project to the world.

It is truly wonderful to see just how transformative many treatments are – often a new person literally emerges – a more confident person too.

For any individual – because everyone who comes to see us is an individual – we can suggest the treatment or treatments that will produce the change you seek. This might be to address a singular, small concern, or it could be for a profound change that produces a whole new you.

All too often people just live with aesthetic issues that impact on their overall quality of life. Doctor Nyla is impassioned about helping people, delivering true benefit.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help, or to arrange a visit so you can make the trip from Adlington to see what makes the Medispa clinic an award winner.

Doctor Nyla (MBCHB, MRCGP, DFFP, DPDermatology, BACD) is one of the UK’s top aesthetic doctors, specialising in non-surgical techniques.

As one of only two doctors in her class to gain a distinction with their membership, Doctor Nyla has been one of the leading voices in aesthetic medicine for several years now. Having been drawn to aesthetic medicine after a successful career as a GP, Doctor Nyla is a non-surgical treatment specialist, and uses her knowledge and expertise every day to give her valued and trusted client base results that actually make a difference to their everyday lives.

Her client base trusts her completely, and would never even consider going to another practitioner, because they know she truly understands them, their perspective and their concerns.

As a busy professional, working mother and woman who has herself experienced the toll ageing can have on your self-confidence, Doctor Nyla has experienced first-hand the difference aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing treatments can have on all aspects of your life. This outlook and understanding of why her patients come to her has made Doctor Nyla one of the most trusted aesthetic practitioners in the country, not just by her loyal client base but also by the national press, including the Guardian, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Grazia, OK! Magazine and more, who regularly approach her for an expert perspective on current news and events in the industry.

If you live in Adlington and would like to learn more about Doctor Nyla and our range of aesthetic treatments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0800 009 6661.

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