• Ultherapy: The Skin Lifting Treatment

As we age, collagen production depletes and our skin starts to loose elasticity. The Ultherapy treatment is the only non-surgical cosmetic procedure which uses focused ultrasound to stimulate growth of new collagen.

This increase in collagen means there is a natural lifting and tightening of the skin in the targeted areas of the face and neck. If you’ve ever noticed an eyebrow line starting to lower, or maybe some sagging skin around the eyelid, these often are the first signs of maturing skin. Those who notice loose skin under the neck or chin could be excellent candidates for Ultherapy to reduce this appearance and maintain a fresh, firm face. This usually occurs in adults over 30, however it does depend on your genealogy and lifestyle choices.

How Does It Work?

The Ultherapy treatment works by heating up the underlying tissue which triggers the production of collagen without damaging the upper layers of the skin. By using ultrasound imaging, we are able to see exactly which layers of tissue are being targeted during your treatment. This means we can be sure that the ultrasound energy is reaching exactly where it needs to for most effectiveness.

After the first session many clients find that there is still fresh, young collagen a year after treatment, however this doesn’t mean we have stopped ageing! It has just slowed down the maturing of skin. Some clients will decide to go for touch-up treatments but this is dependant on the laxity of your skin before treatment, as well as each individual’s biological response to the treatment.

After your session, you may notice some slight redness to the targeted area, but this will only last up to an hour. A small percentage of people will notice some minor swelling or experience slight tingling or tenderness, however this dissipates quickly. Ultherapy treatment has been performed over 100,000 times worldwide, is completely safe and FDA approved.

Where Can I Get This Treatment?           

We provide Ultherapy treatment at both our Cheshire and Liverpool Clinics, with people travelling from Manchester and Wilmslow respectively to their nearest clinics. No matter what age, Ultherapy can be appropriate for you. Some clients under 30 choose to have Ultherapy to be more proactive than reactive to collagen levels whilst others choose Ultherapy as a way to prolong effects of past cosmetic surgery.

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