Dermal Lip Fillers

Enhance your natural beauty and achieve the lips you’ve been longing for with dermal lip fillers. Whether you are looking to rejuvenate, re-shape or enliven your lips, Doctor Nyla will provide a safe and effective treatment that will leave you with a flawless appearance.

Having performed over 65,000 dermal filler procedures, the team of experts at Medispa Cheshire will help you achieve the shape and volume you desire without the need of surgery or invasive techniques.

Suitable for those looking to add definition to their lips, lip borders or Cupid’s Bow, our advanced dermal lip fillers augment the lips to provide a contoured yet natural pout.


Please note, prices are different across doctors and nurses.

From - £290


*”Everything is so professional, right down to the consultation to the actual procedure.” – Elizabeth, Cheshire


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*”Dr Nyla gave me a natural lift to my lips, as a young woman herself she totally understood my concerns and gave me something wonderful to smile about.”

Gracie Proser


What are Dermal lip fillers and how do they work?

As we age our lips lose fullness and definition due to the loss of a chemical called hyaluronic acid. Our treatment counteracts this loss of volume by utilising this naturally occurring chemical by injecting it back into the lips.

As hyaluronic acid is broken down and dissolved by the body, the injections are not harmful and last for approximately 6 months. This technique represents the safest and most effective way of attaining natural-looking plump and reinvigorate lips.

How long does it take for lip fillers to take to effect?

The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes, and, once complete, those who undertake lip augmentation will see results straight away.

However, there will be slight swelling after the treatment and it will take the product a couple of days to settle properly. This is important to remember as the fullness of your lips in these subsequent days is not a correct representation of the way they will look once the swelling has subsided.

What if I am not completely happy with the appearance of my lips after the treatment?

If you are not fully happy with the way your lips look once the swelling has gone down, you can simply book a consolation to come back and we will make any necessary alterations or dissolve the product from your lips completely.

However, be rest-assured that you will be provided with the essential after-care advice and solutions upon the completion of your treatment so that recovery time is kept to a minimum.

Will the procedure be painful?

We aim to decrease the amount of discomfort a person may feel as much as possible. For this reason, before the injections are administered, we use a numbing cream to dull the sensation around the mouth and lip area.

The injections themselves also contain a numbing agent so discomfort or pain is kept to a minimum throughout the treatment process.

Who will be performing the procedure?

Your bespoke lip enhancement procedure will be tailored to your exact requirements by Dr Nyla Raja and administered within the state-of-the-art Medispa in Cheshire. You are therefore assured of the very highest beauty and cosmetic standards.


woman's face before and after treatment
Face before and after lip fillers
Woman's face before and after lip fillers
Woman's face before and after lip fillers
Woman's face before and after lip fillers
Woman's face before and after lip fillers

Let Dr Nyla give you celebrity style lips using the latest techniques and non-surgical dermal fillers.