Cheshire 8 Point Facelift

The revolutionary 8 Point Facelift treatment can give you a youthful-looking glow without invasive cosmetic surgery. This is a technique for restoring volume in eight strategic areas, giving lift and support using a small number of dermal fillers without discomfort or downtime. Treatments are administered by Dr Nyla’s team of medical professionals at the Medispa clinics in Cheshire, Liverpool, and Harley Street London.

The 8 key areas include:

1 & 2. Cheek Bone/Structure: A small amount of volume in the area enhances the cheekbones and often aids to lift the Nasolabial folds.

3. Tear Trough/Mid-face: Reduces the appearance of tired hollows under the eye area. If you have noticed significant hollows you may need additional product with a softer, more flexible dermal filler to help with this. Ask your practitioner if this additional treatment is right for you.

4. Nasolabial fold adjacent to nose: This area often depends with age, so adding volume here can give you a more youthful appearance. Some people do suit Nasolabial folds, while others it is due to aging and dermal fillers can be a benefit to the patient.

5. Mouth Corners: The down turning of the mouth with age gives the appearance of a ‘Down Frown’ that can cause the patients to look sad or bitter. Creating some support with dermal fillers can not only lift the face but make patients look happier too!

6. Prejowl area: Loss of volume in the Jaw, Cheek and Chin areas can all contribute to jowl formation, so replacing volume in the hollow along the jawline, along with the other areas of the ‘8 point lift’, can help to reduce or improve jowls.

7. Jawline: As we age, we lose the squareness or angle of the jaw. This helps to lift and support the lower face as the lower face starts to fall forward, contributing to jowls and sagging. A subtle enhancement of the angle of the jaw can help lift the treated areas. If you have significant loss of volume in this area you may require more product and different techniques to get the best results.

8. Lower cheek/Buccal area: Hollowing of the Buccal area can contribute to the ‘accordion’ smile lines and can make patients without treatment look gaunt. While treating this area with filler can help with and improve the natural curve and structure of the cheek.



Cheshire Facelift FAQ's

What is the '8 Point Lift'?

It is a technique that is ideal for anyone who is starting to notice some skin laxity.
The most common things people with skin laxity include:
- Skin sagging or face 'dropping'
- 'Tired' looking under eye area
- Jowls forming along the jawline

As we age, key areas of the face lose their volume. The '8 Point Lift' targets these key areas using a hydrating dermal filler, to create and achieve a beautiful, naturally lifted result with minimal discomfort.

How does it work?

The eight strategic lifting points are a general guideline that will be tailored to your needs. A personalised consultation is necessary to determine the best look for you.

Is the '8 Point Lift' right for me?

If you are over the age of 35, especially if you have started to notice your face dropping or sagging, it is likely that you will be able to access this technique. If you have more severe laxity, a good result is still possible, but more filler and possibility some different techniques may be required for the result you want to achieve. Speak of make an appointment for a consultation with a qualified practitioner for more details.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure can take up to 30-50 minutes, plus the time when undergoing a consultation with your practitioner. Plan for up to 60-90 minutes for your appointment.

Does it hurt?

Any discomfort is usually minimal and brief. The new generation of dermal fillers contain local anaesthetic, which makes the procedure more comfortable for you as a patient.

What is the recovery time following a'8 Point Lift' procedure?

Most people are in and out of the procedure with minimal or no recovery time at all. It is recommended for aftercare to not do any strenuous exercise, going to a spa/sauna or drinking alcohol for the first 24-48 hours.

How long do the results last?

Depending on the individual results can last on average up to 12-18 months, However touch up treatments may be required to achieve and maintain your desired look and appearance.

What are the possible side effects?

The ‘8 Point Lift’ uses only the recognised top brand Hyaluronic Acid fillers. That means that side effects are usually minimal and temporary and the treatment can be reversed if required. The most common side effects include temporary skin reactions such as:
• Redness

• pain/tenderness

• firmness

• swelling

• lumps/bumps

• bruising

• itching

• discolouration

Make sure your age stays a secret with a Cheshire 8 Point Facelift – contact Doctor Nyla at Medispa (Cheshire, Liverpool & Harley Street, London) for more information.