Tear Trough Filler London

Tear trough filler treatments – available in London at Doctor Nyla’s stunning Harley Street clinic – are a non-surgical procedure that can make someone look youthful, energised and vibrant.

As this is a procedure that is quick to administer, produces stunning results and has no recovery time to speak of, it is no wonder this form of dermal filler is so in demand.

In this page, we will provide all the information you could wish to know about tear trough filler treatments in London and then a few words on how to proceed.

What Are Tear Troughs?

Tear troughs are physical hollows that occur under the eyes and cast a shadow, they can make you look tired and older than you may wish to look.

Typically, they occur as a natural part of the ageing process, but they can appear at different ages for us all – no two people develop the same signs of ageing at the same rate.

In some instances, they can also be brought on prematurely through a person’s genetics.

Ultimately, the cause may not matter overly as the impact is the same.

The eyes are what we naturally focus on when we speak to someone, they speak of our vibrancy or otherwise.

Premature signs of ageing around the eyes are therefore more noticeable than ageing might be elsewhere.

The troughs can be commonly confused with eye bags and dark circles around the eyes – however both of those can be more short term issues, brought on by general tiredness or feeling run down.

Tear troughs are a more permanent problem, they won’t disappear no matter how much sleep you pack in.

At a consultation, your clinician would determine whether you had tear troughs or another factor that was making the eye region appear prematurely aged and advise accordingly.

Tear Trough Filler London

The Tear Trough Treatment

The treatment for tear troughs is a relatively simple procedure, a skilled practitioner injecting dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid into the affected region.

This filler then stimulates collagen creation, this making the skin plump once more and filling in the trough, creating that more youthful appearance once more.

The process builds on the body’s natural processes – it is collagen that keeps the skin tight and youthful looking, but as we age we stop producing collagen in the same quantity (thanks Mother Nature).

Dermal fillers simply restart the collagen creation process.

We said skilled practitioner though and that is key. Almost anyone can administer dermal fillers in what is an under-regulated field and so results can vary greatly.

Some produce results that are barely visible, others go to the other extreme and the undesirable look of ‘work having been done’ is created.

It is advisable to only entrust a medically trained professional – Dr Nyla is a registered GP with specialist knowledge and experience of working with injectables.

The Results of Tear Trough Fillers

Aside from the safety of the treatment – and dermal fillers are a safe treatment that typically produces at most mild swelling and short-term, minor soreness – the key question is do they produce the results clients hope for?

Rather than writing thousands of words, it is best to instead suggest you browse before and after images – these fair images that demonstrate the eye region before and after a treatment of dermal filler, and using the same lighting and angles.

The tear troughs will be eliminated, but the appearance of the eye region is still natural. You can still move the face, there is not a stuck face type look, or the look of over tightening.

Dermal fillers, when used skillfully, are wonderfully effective at tackling specific concerns and signs of ageing and the eyes are often the key area as it is the eyes that speak of our overall health and vibrancy.

Perhaps, in the current period of wearing face masks, this is more true than ever. With much of the face hidden, even more attention is given to the eyes.

Do The Results of Tear Trough Fillers Last?

Dermal fillers are not a permanent solution, but the impact will last for a good period of time – often beyond a year.

As the impact of the treatment fades, it is common to then simply have a new course of fillers, though this is naturally up to the individual.

Most people, once they have seen the wonderful impact of this form of treatment want the results to continue.

Although there is a need for occasional further treatments to maintain results, these are stress free and many consider it enjoyable ‘me time’. People relax and listen to podcasts, or, at Dr Nyla’s clinics, enjoy the free Apple TV.

Sadly though the procedure is quick to administer, so you won’t get to watch a whole series of your favourite new show!

Aftercare Post Treatment

A wonderful benefit of non-surgical procedures is that there is typically no aftercare to speak of and this true too of tear trough fillers.

There may be some redness, mild swelling and localised soreness but these will all pass within a few days.

There should be no major symptoms post treatment and so should immediately contact the clinic if there are concerns.

It is for this reason that we would always recommend using a clinic with proper accreditation such as Save Face and run a registered medical professional.

Only this way can you ensure the highest standards of care, including pre-procedure screening based on your medical history to ensure treatments are suitable.

Next Steps

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