Non Surgical Nose Job London

Through the expertise of Doctor Nyla – an expert on facial aesthetics who has won the UK’s Top Clinic Award – it is possible to have a non-surgical nose job in London that delivers superb results instantly and has zero downtime.

When done with skill and by a doctor experienced in the use of dermal fillers, a non-surgical nose job can produce results every bit as profound as those through invasive surgery, and yet there are none of the downsides.

Unlike with surgery, there is not the fear that results may not be as hoped for, leading to a permanent change that is perhaps less desirable than what preceded it.

A non-surgical option also means no downtime, you can pop into Harley Street for treatment and then head back into London to go about the rest of your day.

This is very different from a procedure that takes weeks to recover from, with the recovery process also being very visible.

Finally, there is the cost.

A full surgical procedure is likely to cost many thousands of pounds, whereas nose fillers is an affordable treatment that is available to all.

Benefits of a Non-Surgical Nose Job

The nose is a hugely visible feature of anyone’s face – when we speak to anyone we notice their nose, along with the eyes and mouth it is central to our appearance.

Any concern about our nose can therefore be hugely concerning, there is the physical element of wanting it changed and improved, but this can also have a huge psychological burden.

A nose that we are not happy with can damage self-esteem and confidence, it is not an exaggeration to say that this can impact all areas of life – work, relationships and friendships.

The benefits can therefore be transformational, going far beyond the physical change to also make someone just that bit happier and more confident.

Non-surgical options mean getting these benefits but without the huge stress of considering and then undergoing invasive surgery.

Non Surgical Nose Job London

Nose Job Procedure

The method for producing stunning nose reshaping is to skilfully apply dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid;  this a naturally occuring substance that leads to collagen creation and so volumises skin.

While the fillers are commonly used to address signs of ageing such as lines and wrinkles, they can also re-shape features we wish had better definition, for instance the jawline or hollow cheeks.

Superb results are also achieved when the fillers are skillfully applied to the nose.

However, the word skillfully is important as facial aesthetics is an under-regulated field and almost anyone can set themselves up as a practitioner.

Only by entrusting a trained doctor such as Doctor Nyla, who has administered thousands of treatments and has universally five-star reviews can you be certain of quality.

An initial consultation is held, this an opportunity to discuss your concerns for the nose and the expert to assess how best to produce the results you seek.

The process itself would then see injections carefully made and the dermal filler injected.

This then immediately works to re-shape the nose, removing the flaws and creating the smoother, balanced nose that is desired.

This procedure is suitable for altering small problems and asymmetries and also restructuring the appearance of the nose.

The suitability of dermal fillers and their ability to create the results you desire would be discussed at surgery.

Doctor Nyla is an expert who will never recommend a treatment that isn’t truly in a patient’s best interests.

Nose Job Results - Predictable (but not permanent)

As you are likely aware, the results of a non-surgical nose job are not permanent.

However, they do last several months – as a patient you simply require a few treatments every couple of years.

The results are, however, entirely predictable when administered with skill, by this we mean there is no guesswork.

The nose reshaping you hope for will happen as the expert administering the injections can carefully monitor results to ensure they turn out just as you want.

A full surgical procedure would produce more permanent results, but this can be a downside too – if the results are not exactly as hoped for then there is no option to go back.

Quick and Easy

Dermal filler procedures are quick to administer, typically a patient will only need around 30 minutes for an appointment.

There is some minimal, localised pain but this quickly passes and is also reduced through the use of a numbing cream. A non-surgical procedure such as this has no downtime, you can go about the rest of your day as usual.

Results achieved

Please browse our photo gallery for examples of the results achieved through Doctor Nyla’s nose reshaping at her London clinic.

Next Steps

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