Non-Surgical Aesthetics in Lymm

Half an hour away from Lymm, in a tranquil setting yet one that is easy to reach, you can find the UK’s top clinic – Dr Nyla’s MediSpa Cheshire Clinic.

That may sound an exaggerated claim, but it is backed up by fact as in 2019 impartial judges assessed the best clinics across the UK and awarded Dr Nyla the Top Cosmetic Clinic Award in the UK award. This demonstrates that here in the heart of Cheshire, in Alderley Edge and almost on your doorstep in Lymm you can receive a level of treatment and a clinic atmosphere and ethos that is not bettered however far you travel.

The range of treatments offered is comprehensive and this is the latest version of procedures, the options proven to deliver the best results. Safety is also paramount and so approved methods are used – for instance for fat freezing we use Coolsculpting, the only FDA approved such treatment.

Treatments available include Botox, dermal fillers, skin tightening, non-invasive facelifts, laser hair removal, hair transplants and so much more.

The impact is clients who leave looking younger, more radiant yet still natural – like themselves only a great version of themselves.

Key to this is helping people have the treatments that are right for them. We do not expect you to be an expert in treatments or necessarily know which ones you want.

Instead, we will have an open and honest conversation and listen to your concerns and hopes. From this, a best plan of action and suggested treatments will be recommended.

Our approach is pressure free, we only want people too have any treatment when it is truly in their best interest, whether that is for appearance or also to boost confidence and perhaps restore self-esteem.

It is this level of service and quality – both in patient care and also high quality treatments administered by an expert that has led to universally five-star reviews. It is this approach that led to award-winning status.

Leading all this is Dr. Nyla, an expert in her field and a regular contributor on TV and in the media. 

Dr. Nyla is also an advocate for the highest standards, believing that aesthetic treatments should be better regulated and that only those with true experience should be able to practice. Just because almost anyone can practice in an under regulated field, does not mean they should.

A relentless drive for quality and to truly stand apart extends to the clinic too. It may be only a short drive from Lymm, but it could be in there south of Italy such is the level of relaxation and style.

This may be a clinic for treatments such as Botox and fillers, but it is also ‘me time’ for the clinet, it should be resting and relaxing, something to be looked forward too.

Every aspect of the clinic is designed with the client in mind, their relaxation and enjoyment.

This is why the judges awarded Top Clinic of the Year – the combination of a relaxing atmosphere, wonderful facilities, a leading practitioner and superb customer satisfaction. 

It truly is the complete package.

Non-Surgical Aesthetics in  Lymm

Wonderful Treatments Close To Lymm

Lymm is a charming town in the ceremonial county of Cheshire and it has much in common with Alderley Edge.

Both are refined, classy and relaxing.

In choosing a location for her Cheshire clinic, Dr. Nyla sought somewhere accessible but not busy, somewhere that provides an experience without taking up hours to get there.

The MediSpa is just a half hour drive away, its location is calming because we believe that being in the right state of mind for any treatment is also important.

Every aspect of the clinic provides a quality experience – from the location, to the reception, to the rooms used for treatment. The staff are all professional, polite, friendly and immaculate.


We believe in creating an experience where every element is of the highest standard. Some of our clients are celebrities outside of our clinic, everyone is treated as a celebrity inside. 

Anti-Ageing Treatments Lymm

Many attend our clinic to have anti-ageing treatments, keen to look that bit more youthful and tackle obvious signs of ageing.

A range of treatments are provided and our expertise and through consultations ensure that every client gets the treatments that will deliver the best resuylts, results in keeping with the results they seek.;

Results should have a visible impact but also be natural looking – this balance requires skill in the application. The obvious look of ‘work having been done’ is to be avoided.

Dr. Nyla will create a bespoke package that addresses the issues you wish to tackle – not those of a generic patient. In some instances, it may be that a wonderful option called a non surgical facelift is desirable, this delivers the results of a full facelift yet without resorting to surgery. There is also no lengthy recovery period.

One treatment that is common in most instances is to have injectables.

Dermal fillers are one such injectable, these help to counteract lines through the injection of hyaluronic acid – this a naturally occurring substance in the body. This helps to replenish collagen; it is collagen depletion that leads to skin losing elasticity and signs of ageing becoming apparent.

Fillers can also help to address sunken cheeks, add volume to lips and even strengthen the jawline.

Botox is another injectable, this working in a different way to counteract separate signs of ageing. Botox blocks serve signals from causing muscle contraction – it is this muscle contraction that leads to lines around the eyes, forehead and elsewhere.

In many instances, Botox and fillers may be all that are required to make a huge difference to appearance and knock years off someone’s appearance.

The skill of the practitioner is key as these are delicate injection into areas of the face. Please ensure you choose a clinic with full medical certification – your safety and health is too important to allow an unregulated, inexperienced individual mess with.

Skilful is a key word. The area of injectables is under regulated and almost anyone can set themselves up offering anti-ageing injections.

When applied with the experience of Dr. Nyla, these treatments can be combined to form an option such as the transformation facelift – this is a non surgical ‘facelift’ that can make patients appear 10 years younger.

Other treatments can also be used in conjunction with fillers.

This could be ultrasound lift, skin Microneedling and radio frequency skin tightening.

In recent years, Carbon Laser peel has become very popular, this a wonderful procedure that draws out impurities from deep within the skin to leave a tighter, more radiant appearance. Dull skin and acne can truly be a thing of the past.

You can experience results that leave you looking – and feeling – many years younger.

treatment image

Skin Tightening and Non-Surgical Skin Lifting



Skin tightening treatments can have all the impact of a facelift but minus the expense and lengthy period of recovery that would be required.

These treatments will often be combined with the fillers and Botox mentioned above. They work with these treatment to leave a complexion that is more youthful, with blemishes removed or greatly reduced.

Ultracel and Ultherapy – two wonderful examples of the technology – work by heating deep layers of skin and stimulating new collagen and elastin creation. 

They actually create a more youthful appearance in a far more natural way than surgery would as they are stimulating the creation of natural substances that the body produces, The body heals from within. This is very different from an approach that cuts, repositions and tightens skin.

At MediSpa, we use the leading versions of the technology, treatments with full FDA and other approval and that are proven to produce the best results.

It is often the case that clients have considered a full facelift and then are amazed when we show them examples of what is possible through non invasive procedures.

There can be an assumption that a non invasive or non surgical treatment produces results that are not ion a par with surgery – that, people assume, is the way off. No recovery time, cheaper, but a less profound impact.

In reality, that is not the case. The results are every bit as profound, which is why there is a huge momentum shift away from surgery and towards these modern, kinder treatments.

It is genuinely moving to see how happy they then are to see the results that are possible through a procedure that is non invasive, affordable and natural.

Once they have seen what can be achieved without surgery, few get back in contact with a plastic surgeon. 

Fat Reduction



Proven treatments that are backed by science and regulators can target fat build-ups in specific areas of the body.

Many of us have areas of fat that are hard to shift and they stay no matter how hard we exercise, or the nature of our diet. This can lead to a sense of mild despair – how can this issue ever be addressed?

The answer is that it can actually be addressed very easily and without recourse to any form of surgery or, in most cases, injection.

We have treatment methods that are the envy of others – this is why we were the first clinic outside London to have Diamond Premier Clinic status.


Coolsculpting is hugely popular and with good reason. This is an FDA approved technology that on average removes 25% of fat cells from targeted areas. 

We are the only clinic in the UK to offer quadsculpting, this Coolsculpting that can target four areas at once and so reduce treatment time significantly.

Coolsculpting is applied via an applicator, this is moved over the target area and freezes fat cells underneath. These cells naturally die and are expelled from the body over the coming weeks.

The fat is then gone for good, this different from exercise whereby they could grow again. Then cells removed no longer exist.

This is not to underplay the importance of exercise, merely to point out that Coolsculpting can target aft in a targeted area in a way exercise cannot.

Coolsculpting does one thing and it does that thing amazingly well – it removes fat from target areas, whether this is the abdomen, the thighs, arms, double chin, buttocks or another area.


Sessions are relaxing, at most there is a mild tingling. Many choose to read during the quick procedures, or relax and watch the Apple TV we provide.

With treatments lasting less than an hour, some may even be slightly annoyed that the session doesn’t even last for them to finish watching an episode of a show (don’t worry – you can watch the rest in reception!)


Final results will be visible after a few weeks as the fat continues to die off. The results are permanent too – if you maintain a healthy lifestyle there is no reason to believe you will have any fat issues in the area addressed.


LIPOcel is an alternative treatment, this works in a similar way but uses radio frequency to kill the fat cells. The cells are then carried away safely by the body’s own lymphatic system.


Aqualyx fat removal is a more invasive treatment, a specially formulated compound works to break down areas of stubborn fat.


Doctor Nyla is one of a small number of UK doctors who are trained to apply this treatment.

As with all treatments and desired outcomes, it is not for the patient to be an expert and know which might be the best option. Dr. Nyla would hold an obligation-free consultation and then suggest the best option based on your health, medical history, the results you are seeking, the part of the body being addressed and more.

Other Treatments

A full list of treatments is on site – there are too many to list in detail here.

Whatever the concern, we can suggest a bespoke package of treatments, these will be market leading treatments and administered by true experts.

Please contact us for a consultation.

Too often people suffer with aesthetic issues that impact on their overall quality of life. Doctor Nyla is impassioned about helping people, leading to real life benefits.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help, or to arrange a visit so you can make the trip from Lymm to see what makes the Medispa clinic an award winner.

Why Choose Doctor Nyla

Doctor Nyla (MBCHB, MRCGP, DFFP, DPDermatology, BACD) is one of the UK’s top aesthetic doctors, specialising in non-surgical techniques. 

As one of only two doctors in her class to gain a distinction with their membership, Doctor Nyla has been one of the leading voices in aesthetic medicine for several years now.  Having been drawn to aesthetic medicine after a successful career as a GP, Doctor Nyla is a non-surgical treatment specialist, and uses her knowledge and expertise every day to give her valued and trusted client base results that actually make a difference to their everyday lives. 

Her client base trusts her completely, and would never even consider going to another practitioner, because they know she truly understands them, their perspective and their concerns. 

As a busy professional, working mother and woman who has herself experienced the toll ageing can have on your self-confidence, Doctor Nyla has experienced first-hand the difference aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing treatments can have on all aspects of your life. This outlook and understanding of why her patients come to her has made Doctor Nyla one of the most trusted aesthetic practitioners in the country, not just by her loyal client base but also by the national press, including the Guardian, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Grazia, OK! Magazine and more, who regularly approach her for an expert perspective on current news and events in the industry.

Why Choose Doctor Nyla

If you live in Lymm and would like to learn more about Doctor Nyla and our range of aesthetic treatments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0800 009 6661