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Doctor Nyla’s Medispa is based in Alderley Edge, in the heart of Cheshire. Easily reached from both the rest of Cheshire and South and Central Manchester, our clinic has excellent links to the surrounding area, including Sale, Altrincham, Hale, Timperley and the surrounding area. Sale is one of the most desirable areas in Manchester, and is well linked to the heart of the city, as well as the Cheshire countryside. Sale is less than a 30-minute drive from Doctor Nyla’s Alderley Edge clinic, making it the perfect location for many of her clients. With a whole host of shops, cafes, bars and more, including the Sale Square shopping centre, there’s never a shortage of things to do in Sale. The town also has a strong sporting heritage, with the Sale Sharks rugby team being one of the oldest in the country, and their games often become a major fixture in the town. The schools in Sale are some of the best in the area, making it the perfect place for families and working professionals alike. There is also no shortage of green spaces in Sale, with Wythenshawe Park, Walkden Gardens, the Bridgewater Canal, Sale Waterpark and the River Mersey all within minutes of the town, so it’s no wonder it’s been voted one of the very best places to live in England.

Doctor Nyla treats clients from all over the country, including South Manchester and Sale, where many of her trusted clients hail from. With one of the UK’s top aesthetic doctors practising only a stone’s throw away, it’s no surprise that clients from Sale often make the quick trip into Cheshire to visit Doctor Nyla.

Coolsculpting is a fantastic fat reducing and bodysculpting treatment, and this treatment was actually one of the main reasons that Doctor Nyla was inspired to start her Cheshire Medispa, after an incredible treatment saw her drop 2 dress sizes and her confidence increase massively.

Coolsculpting is an incredible treatment that uses cryolipolysis (fat freezing) to effectively kill off fat cells in the area, without damaging any of the other tissues in the area, such as skin, muscles or organs. This results in an amazing fat loss treatment that gives you the smooth, sculpted body you’ve worked hard to get. Over 3 million Coolsculpting treatments have been successfully carried out, with the same incredible results every time. Coolsculpting treatment takes less than an hour, and you’ll start to see results within a few weeks.

One of the best things about the Coolsculpting treatment is that the results of treatment continue to improve over time as the dead fat cells are carried away gradually using the natural processes of the body. Coolsculpting can precisely target the stomach, flank, thighs, arms, back, buttocks and chin to give you a toned, smoothed look and make you feel incredible in your own skin.

At her Cheshire clinic, Doctor Nyla and her team also offer other fat reduction treatments to help sculpt the body and give our clients the confidence they need to tackle all elements of their lives. LIPOcel treatment uses ultrasound waves to gently heat, burst and destroy targeted fat cells in a completely safe, non-invasive and painless treatment. LIPOcel also uses a cooling handpiece to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment, without compromising on results. This cooling allows the treatment to reach deeper tissues in the area, improving results and increasing their longevity. Another option for fat reduction treatment that we offer is Aqualyx Lipotherapy.

Doctor Nyla is one of only a small handful of aesthetic doctors and practitioners trained in Aqualyx Lipotherapy, as the treatment involves the injection of a fat reducing solution to the body. This treatment can only be carried out by highly trained medical practitioners. This solution attaches to fat molecules in the body, destroying them and allowing them to be removed by the lymphatic system – the body’s natural waste removal processes.

At Medispa Cheshire, Doctor Nyla and the team also offer skin tightening treatments to help further enhance the effects of fat reduction treatments, or to help give you the perfect toned body you’ve worked hard for after weight loss. Skin tightening treatments, such as Exilis Elite and Ultraformer 3, work to gently increase the body’s natural collagen production, making the skin smoother, stronger and tighter. This creates a smooth, beautiful silhouette and really helps to show off your weight loss!

Doctor Nyla is deeply passionate about non-surgical treatments, including skin tightening and lifting in the face, as well as the body. The neck is often one of the first areas to show signs of ageing as the skin begins to sag, with fine lines and wrinkles appearing and skin in the area becoming thin and dry. This is most commonly due to the loss of collagen in the skin all over the body that naturally occurs as we get older. At Medispa Cheshire, we offer a variety of collagen boosting treatments to help lift and tighten the face and neck, giving you the confidence boost you need!

Achieve a natural neck lift with NuEra Tight treatment, which improves the appearance of the skin using radiofrequency waves to gently trigger natural collagen production in a highly targeted treatment. By using radiofrequency pulses, we can help to target very specific areas of improvement by heating the deep tissues below the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin), stimulating fibroblasts and strengthening the skin from the inside out. Our clients report feeling a slight warmth in the treatment area, but NuEra Tight is completely painless. This neck lift treatment is incredibly effective and offers our clients a deeply effective treatment to smooth the neck and create a youthful appearance. NuEra Tight can also be used precisely all over the face, including for brow lift treatment, and other areas around the eyes, mouth and cheeks.

At Medispa Cheshire, we offer non-surgical face lift treatments to help give you a massive confidence boost and turning back time on skin ageing, without any of the difficulties, complexities and concerns of a traditional surgical face lift. Facelift surgery involves anaesthesia, overnight stays in hospital and extensive recovery periods, which for lots of us with busy schedules and commitments, just isn’t possible.

The incredible Ultracel skin tightening offers a non-surgical alternative to face lift surgery, by giving comparable results in a treatment that is completely non-invasive, painless and has no downtime at all. Using a combination of ultrasound, radiofrequency and micro-needling technologies to effectively lift and tighten skin all over the face, Ultracel is one of the most effective non-surgical options available for face lifting and skin tightening around the face and neck.We can also carry out non-surgical face lift using the Ultraformer 3 Skin Tightening treatment.

Ultraformer treatment is so effective as it uses MMFU (micro-macro focused ultrasound) technology at temperatures of 65-75°C, to deeply heat the tissues under the skin and increase collagen production in the face and neck. This results in a lifted, smoothed appearance as your skin becomes stronger, more elastic and more volumised.

Ultraformer can be used to treat:

  • Forehead wrinkles, such as frown lines or a drooping brow.
  • Eyebrows, to give clients a non-surgical brow lift.
  • Eyelids, to reduce hooded eyelids and give you a more awake and bright appearance.
  • Cheeks, to reduce skin drooping or sagging.
  • Neck wrinkles, giving a non-surgical neck lift and smoothing the neck area.
  • Decolletage, to strengthen and smooth the skin in the area, and reduce the signs of ageing.

Injectable treatments are becoming increasingly popular due to their simplicity, comfort, and the incredible results we can get for our clients in a quick treatment with little to no downtime. Some of the most popular non-surgical treatments are injectables, including Botox (anti-wrinkle injections) and dermal fillers. Botox has been used for many years in aesthetics and non-surgical anti-ageing to help remove fine lines and wrinkles and smooth the expression, turning back the clock safely and effectively. Botox works by safely blocking the signals between the muscles in the injection site and the brain, essentially freezing them and preventing them from moving. When injected by someone who isn’t a trained professional, Botox treatment can give you the telltale ‘frozen’ facial expression, however, Doctor Nyla is highly medically trained and have an in-depth knowledge of both facial anatomy and the properties of botox. This means she can safely create results for you that are subtle, beautiful and imperceptible to the untrained eye.

A popular alternative to Botox treatment for anti-ageing is dermal fillers, which are hyaluronic acid-based gels that gently lift, hydrate and volumise the injection area to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, improve facial volume and even sculpt the face. Doctor Nyla uses market-leading dermal fillers to improve comfort for her patients from Sale, Altrincham and South Manchester, ensuring that you get the best possible results. Dermal fillers can be used all over the face for a variety of different treatments.

Dermal fillers are also commonly used in the lips. Lip fillers can help to smooth and volumise the area giving you the perfect, plump pout that so many of us desire. Lip fillers can also be used to balance uneven lips by injecting filler precisely into the area. For those of us not blessed with a full, defined pout, lip filler can define the lip border and give you the subtle volume boost you need to feel truly amazing! For clients in the Sale and Cheshire area, there’s no reason to go anywhere else for injectable treatments than Doctor Nyla.

Dermal Fillers can be used to:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles all over the face, including nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines), crow’s feet, forehead lines, marionette lines (the lines that reach from the mouth to the chin, pulling the corners of the mouth downwards) and more.
  • Add volume to the cheeks and cheekbones. Cheek fillers are perfect for replacing facial volume loss that comes with age, or to lift and sharpen the cheekbones for a dramatic look.
  • Add structure to the chin and jawline. By injecting filler along the jaw, Doctor Nyla can sharpen and define the area, whilst also creating a lifting effect, reducing the appearance of jowls and loose or ageing skin around the neck.
  • Rejuvenate tear troughs, filling the area under the eye to gently add volume and reduce darkness and shadows under the eyes, helping you look bright and refreshed.
  • Create a non-surgical rhinoplasty or the non-surgical nose job, to help smooth out the nose, remove bumps, correct a drooping nose or create the illusion of a smaller nose.

Doctor Nyla is passionate about always staying ahead of the curve and finding treatments that genuinely work for you. Radiofrequency and Ultrasound treatments are one of the newest and most innovative technologies to be used in non-surgical aesthetics, and our clients have seen first hand the incredible results they can have all over the body. Treatments like Ultracel use a combination of radiofrequency, ultrasound and micro-needling to trigger skin rejuvenation in the area. By gently heating the deep tissues under the skin, Ultracel triggers new collagen production in the skin, helping to improve the strength, elasticity and tone of the skin overall. By combining technologies, Ultracel can reach all layers of the skin, from the surface to deeper tissues in the body for long-lasting and incredibly effective results. This creates an incredible lifting and tightening treatment that gives you results that used to only be achievable with surgery.

One of the other Ultrasound treatments we offer is Ultherapy, which uses ultrasound waves to heat tissues in a painless treatment with results that can last for up to two years. As this treatment uses ultrasound, we can effectively monitor the penetration of the waves all over the body, making sure you get an effective, targeted treatment that is safe and can tighten and lift the skin with effective and long-lasting results.

For clients in Sale and the surrounding area, Doctor Nyla is the obvious choice when it comes to non-surgical ultrasound treatments for a tightened, sculpted body.

Doctor Nyla (MBCHB, MRCGP, DFFP, DPDermatology, BACD) is one of the country’s most respected aesthetic doctors, so there’s no reason for clients in Sale to travel any further than Medispa Cheshire for world-class aesthetic treatments. Doctor Nyla’s roster of celebrity clients and stellar reputation make her one of the most in-demand practitioners in the UK.

Doctor Nyla’s clinics are some of the UK’s premier aesthetics clinics, and we invest heavily in training and development, to ensure fantastic results for every one of our clients, every time. Medispa Cheshire has also been awarded the best UK Clinic of the Year 2019 by the Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards, one of the most prestigious accolades in the industry, and when you visit us, it’s easy to see why! From the beautiful surroundings of the clinic to the expertise of our staff and the friendly welcome you’ll get from our team, Medispa Cheshire is the perfect location for your next treatment, so if you’re in Sale or the surrounding area, there’s no reason not to visit Doctor Nyla’s Medispa.

To find out more about Doctor Nyla’s incredible treatments, the incredible service we offer at Medispa Cheshire, or to book your consultation with Doctor Nyla today, contact the clinic on 0800 009 6661.

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