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Bramhall itself is a lovely town, it is the sort of town Dr. Nyla could easily have located the MediSpa in, but instead you will have to make the short drive to Alderley Edge (don’t worry – there is plenty of parking).

The location is accessible but also quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, but still located so that before and after treatments you can get on with your day as usual.

The location and atmosphere actually matters too for treatments, we believe that having clients who are relaxed, de-stressed and happy can only lead to a better overall experience.

On the drive to the clinic, some clients are celebrities, others are teachers, shop workers, office workers, accountants and a whole range of professions; inside, everyone is treated as a celebrity.

Many visit our clinic keen to tackle some of the signs of ageing – we have a range of treatment options and would advise as to the best course of action in a detailed consultation.

Each person is an individual, and so a bespoke suggestion will be made, this potentially combining a range of treatments to take years off someone’s appearance and yet leave them looking natural – still themselves, just themselves more energised and youthful.

Injectables are common, these in the form of dermal fillers and Botox.

Fillers use hyaluronic acid to help counteract lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing. The filler stimulates collagen creation, as we age our collagen creation is diminished and lines and signs of ageing start to appear. Stimulating collagen helps to fill in these blemishes and return the skin to a more vibrant, youthful appearance.

Fillers can also address issues such as sunken cheeks, weak jawline and help to reduce the appearance of acne scarring.

Botox is another popular injectable, this works by suppressing nerve signals from reaching muscles in the face, it is these muscles that contract and produce lines. Whereas fillers are used for lines that are always visible, Botox – Botulinum Toxin – is for those which appear dynamically as we move the face and change expression.

However, the client does not need to be an expert in the varying forms of treatment, instead they simply need to have an open and honest conversation with the clinic, who can then recommend a best course of action.

The skill of the person administering these injections is important – they need to target just the right part of the face and deliver just the right amount of filler or Botox. Too little and there may be no visible change, money wasted for no improvement, but too much or poorly administered and there could be a frozen face look.

We produce results that have an impact but are natural looking.

In many instances, these two injectables are sufficient to make a person look years younger, but they can also be combined with other treatments and what is known as a non-surgical facelift achieved. There can be all the impact of a full facelift, but without the expense or need for lengthy surgery with a recovery period that runs to weeks and months.

Dr. Nyla can combine treatments into an option such as the transformation facelift, this a range of treatments that typically leave a person looking 10 years younger.

Treatment options would include Microneedling, radio frequency skin tightening and carbon laser peel.

Alongside treatments such as fillers, skin tightening can have a transformational effect, making a vast improvement to someone’s complexion.

Two examples of treatments that would be for skin tightening are Ultracel and Ultherapy, these both work by heating deep layers of skin and stimulating new collagen and elastin creation.

These options create a more youthful appearance in a way that is far more natural than surgery can achieve, results are achieved through replenishing elements that already occur in the body.

This is very different from treatments that rely on the surgeon’s knife and cutting and stitching skin.

We use the latest versions of these technologies, for instance treatments that have full FDA and other approvals.

There can be a misconception that non-invasive treatments cannot deliver the results that surgery can, however modern advances in treatments mean this is far from being the case.

Prospective clients are often amazed when we show them examples of how others have benefited from treatments. Overall, there has been a huge shift in recent years away from surgery and towards non invasive and minimally invasive treatments, these treatments allow for specific concerns to be addressed in a way that is kind to the body.

We find that most people, once they have seen the results that non-invasive treatments can achieve, no longer consider contacting a cosmetic surgeon.

Pockets of fat in specific parts of the body can be easily treated through options such as Aqualyx (fat dissolving), Coolsculpting (fat freezing) or LIPOcel.

Many of us have areas of fat that we would love to shift, but that seem resistant to diet and exercise. In fact, the body deliberately hangs on to some of these fatty deposits, much to our annoyance.

Targeted treatments can kill the fat, this fat is then naturally dispelled over the coming weeks.

The treatments are not to address overall obesity, instead they would be perfect for reducing fat around the abdomen, or the chin, or the arms or thigh.

As a prospective client, you don’t need to be an expert on which type of treatment would be best, instead having a range of options ensures we can always use the best treatment in each specific case.

The treatments typically require a number of sessions, this to reduce the fat gradually and so ensure results are as required – this better than targeting larger quantities of fat all in one go.

What is wonderful about all options is that the fat is gone for good. The treatments are not a magic bullet, they can’t guarantee there will never be fat in this area again, but they do ensure that is a healthy lifestyle is maintained there is no reason for the issue to reappear.

We find that the motivation of having this enhanced figure is enough to encourage most people to ensure the fat remains banished for good.

At MediSpa, we are one of the few clinics that can offer Aqualyx – this because it is a treatment that can only be given by specially trained doctors. Similarly, we are the only UK clinic to offer quadsculpting, this Coolsculpting that can target four areas at once. This reduces the number of sessions required and so the time and also expense.

The treatments are suitable for most people, though individual suitability would be determined at a detailed consultation.

Many, many more treatments are provided and a list is available on site – simply browse the treatments part of the menu.

Whatever the concern, we can suggest a bespoke set of treatments, all off these are carefully chosen by Dr. Nyla, all enhance the overall service we provide.

Too often people suffer with aesthetic issues that impact on their overall quality of life. Doctor Nyla is impassioned about helping people, delivering true benefit – yes, improving their appearance but with it also their mental health and self esteem. The impact can cross into all areas of life – including work and relationships.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help, or to arrange a visit so you can make the trip from Bramhall to see what makes the Medispa clinic an award winner.

Doctor Nyla (MBCHB, MRCGP, DFFP, DPDermatology, BACD) is one of the UK’s top aesthetic doctors, specialising in non-surgical techniques.

As one of only two doctors in her class to gain a distinction with their membership, Doctor Nyla has been one of the leading voices in aesthetic medicine for several years now. Having been drawn to aesthetic medicine after a successful career as a GP, Doctor Nyla is a non-surgical treatment specialist, and uses her knowledge and expertise every day to give her valued and trusted client base results that actually make a difference to their everyday lives.

Her client base trusts her completely, and would never even consider going to another practitioner, because they know she truly understands them, their perspective and their concerns.

As a busy professional, working mother and woman who has herself experienced the toll ageing can have on your self-confidence, Doctor Nyla has experienced first-hand the difference aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing treatments can have on all aspects of your life. This outlook and understanding of why her patients come to her has made Doctor Nyla one of the most trusted aesthetic practitioners in the country, not just by her loyal client base but also by the national press, including the Guardian, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Grazia, OK! Magazine and more, who regularly approach her for an expert perspective on current news and events in the industry.

If you live in Bramhall and would like to learn more about Doctor Nyla and our range of aesthetic treatments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0800 009 6661.

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