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Dermal lip fillers are an injectable that works by countering a lack of definition that is brought about through depleted hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body.

Lip fillers simply reverse this process through an injection that replenishes hyaluronic acid and makes the lips plump and reinvigorated.

Because hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body, it is a substance that is completely safe to be injected, the body naturally breaks it down over time.

The benefits of dermal fillers are aesthetic and can also be psychological. Lip augmentations can look wonderful, they add volume to a key part of the face, a facial feature that is one of the dominant features.

Lip injections, in common with all aesthetics procedures, can also greatly boost confidence and this can positively impact all aspects of life – work, friendships and also personal relationships.

When administered by a skilled, qualified practitioner the results can be profound.

However, it is worth mentioning that injectables are not heavily regulated and so almost anyone can offer lip fillers in Liverpool and beyond and so results will vary wildly.

Doctor Nyla is a winner of the prestigious UK Best Clinic Award and has been responsible for more than 65,000 cosmetic and non-surgical treatments.

With a skilled practitioner, a lip enhancement will add volume and definition. The results will remain natural looking, avoiding that obvious look of work having been done, but they will have more volume, the skin will be more radiant and the results will add definition.

The images of before and after lip filler treatment demonstrate the impact – the lips enhanced in every case.

Beyond potential mild pain and short term swelling, a lip enhancement procedure does not have side effects.

This is one of the many benefits, not only do they produce superb results, they also do this without the lengthy recovery that accompanies a full surgical procedure.

There is no need to book time off work, no need to have days without driving or exercise.

As with all minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures, dermal fillers are not a treatment that have permanent results for clients.

The lip fillers typically last for around six months, after which it would be usual to return for a top-up at the Liverpool Medispa clinic.

Doctor Nyla’s lip filler treatments cost from around £300 at the time of writing, this for the highest quality of gels containing hyaluronic acid and skilful application into the lips.

For the level of experience and guaranteed results we believe this price is unmatched in the city.

Doctor Nyla provides treatment plans that can be delivered at the Liverpool Medispa, based in the desirable area of Crosby.

The clinic was only opened in 2018 and so has the most modern of equipment; it brings the level of finish often seen in London’s Harley Street to the north-west.

The Crosby Clinic has universally five star reviews on Google.

Her clinic is conveniently located for both road and public transport, easily accessible from Liverpool Lime Street train station, there is a local line station just a short walk away.

The clinic also has a car park – further information available on this site.

Dr Nyla is one of the leading cosmetic dermatologists in the UK – she is trusted by many high-profile clients and her expertise makes her someone that media publications regularly seek an opinion from.

Her Liverpool cosmetic clinic is the largest outside London and also the only Diamond Clinic outside the capital.

Dr Nyla’s clinic won Top Cosmetic Clinic Award in the UK for 2019.

Her testimonials are universally positive and her reviews on the independent TrustPilot site outstanding.

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Liverpool is a city in Merseyside, north west England with a population just shy of 500,000 as of the 2011 census.

Liverpool’s growth has been relatively recent – and rapid. As of the 16th century it had a population of just 500 people.

This was to change over the next two centuries as Liverpool become a major trading port, its growth reflecting that of the north west in general through the Industrial Revolution.

The city is of course now one of the world’s greatest, notable across many disciplines and industries.

However, it is perhaps through culture that Liverpool’s legacy is the greatest, the city home to a staggering array of bands, sporting stars and teams and other cultural icons.

Liverpool FC are the current Premier League champions, while city rivals Everton also have a rich history.

Both the world’s most successful all-male band and all-female bands include members from Liverpool – the Spice Girls and a band called the Beatles. You might have heard of them. John Lennon, Paul McCartney and the boys of course famous Liverpudlians.

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