Lip Filler London

Lip fillers are available in London through award-winning specialist Doctor Nyla.

A winner of the Best Cosmetic Clinic award, Doctor Nyla is a fully qualified, highly experienced practitioner who delivers stunning results from her Harley Street clinic.

In this page, we will outline key details about lip fillers, their benefits and the nature of the process.

We will also speak a little about Doctor Nyla and why she stands apart from other options within the capital.

What Are Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are a form of dermal filler with a specific purpose, namely to give the lips more volume.

Dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid, this is a substance that occurs naturally in the body, to stimulate new collagen and elastin creation. This in turn leads to increased volume, firmness and a more appealing appearance.

The fillers work with the body’s natural processes. It is collagen creation that is depleted as we age, the fillers therefore helping to rectify this natural part of ageing without recourse to surgery or a more invasive treatment.

Lip Filler London

Lip Filler Benefits

The obvious benefit of lip fillers is to physical appearance. Many feel that their lips lack volume or are too thin.

The fillers can rectify this, they create the lip appearance that you have always wanted. Overall, this can make the face look more attractive, balanced and the lips becoming an enhanced feature.

Benefits can also extend to psychological and mental health. Any aspect of our appearance that causes us concern can play on our mind and impact confidence and self-esteem, this is especially true when the concern is part of the face.

This is one of the wonderful benefits of non-surgical treatments, seeing someone who not only has enhanced a physical aspect, but is also now more confident, this shining through and impacting so many areas of their life.

Lip Filler Process

The lip filler process actually begins with a detailed consultation, undertaken at Doctor Nyla’s stunning London clinic.

The consultation is a chance for the prospective patient to discuss the changes sought and for Doctor Nyla to suggest a plan of best action.

Often, it will be that lip fillers alone are a suitable treatment, but some also wish to enhance other aspects of their appearance. This can be discussed and a bespoke solution found. It may be that an option such as a non-surgical, transformational facelift is ideal; this delivering all the benefits of a full facelift but with none of the invasive surgery, huge cost or need for lengthy recovery.

If lip fillers are booked in, the process itself is straightforward and does not take long – typically around 30 minutes.

Injections are made via a fine needle, this carefully injecting the fillers into precisely the right location.

The process causes mild, temporary pain at most, and there is no period of recovery required – simply head out into London to resume the rest of your day.

Results from Lip Fillers


The results are immediately visible, though there may be some short term swelling that will quickly fade.

As a leading clinic, we produce results that are impactful, yet still look in keeping with the rest of your appearance.

However, spending hundreds of words describing results seems a poor approach, when you can instead see them on our main treatment page. We would also be happy to show you images of patients before and after treatment during consultation and can discuss the level of results achievable in your specific case.

See images from before and after lip fillers

Do Lip Fillers Last?

Lip fillers are not a permanent treatment, but nor do they quickly fade.

By using only the highest quality of filler, our enhancements can last for up to a year, after which it is a simple process to have the fillers reapplied.

Given the calming nature of our clinic, many simply see this as some deserved ‘me time’, a chance to have a little treatment that leaves you looking – and feeling – at your very best.

Next Steps

If you are considering treatment please contact Doctor Nyla for an obligation-free consultation.

Call 0207 123 4248 or use our Contact Form.

About Doctor Nyla

Dr Nyla is one of the leading cosmetic dermatologists in the UK – she is trusted by many high-profile clients and her expertise makes her someone that media publications regularly seek an opinion from.

Dr Nyla’s clinic won Top Cosmetic Clinic Award in the UK for 2019.

Her testimonials are universally positive and her reviews on the independent TrustPilot site outstanding.

If you would like to arrange a consultation, or simply want further advice please contact us today. 

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About London and Harley Street

Doctor Nyla’s London clinic is located on Harley Street in central London.

Harley Street is so named after a famous resident, Thomas Harley, Lord Mayor of London in 1767. The street then became established as a home of medical excellence from the 19th century.

One famous former resident is Lionel Logue, the speech therapist who helped King George VI – and the basis of the film The King’s Speech. He had offices at 146 Harley Street.

Harley Street has also featured prominently in book and film, including Sense and Sensibility and many Agatha Christie novels.