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How to Get A Better Jawline

The desire for an enhanced jawline is commonplace, but how can get the appearance we desire? Will exercises for the jaw work or is surgery required? This article explores the various options available to achieve a better jawline.

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The desire for an enhanced jawline is now so commonplace that there are hundreds of articles and a huge number of YouTube videos dedicated to the  theme of ‘how to get a better jawline’.

There are those who recommend cosmetic surgery to address the signs of ageing or create a stronger jawline, then there are those at the other end of the spectrum who suggest a simple exercise regime could be the solution.

In this post, we hope to show that there is a happy medium to be had. It is unlikely you will enhance your jawline or neck simply through exercise, however it is more than likely that you don’t have to go for expensive cosmetic surgery either.

The jawline you want, one that is strong, symmetrical and youthful can be achieved through simple minimally invasive treatments.

Exercise and Enhanced Jawline

Tapping into a desire to see major enhancements at no cost, there has been a boom in videos proclaiming that they have an exercise routine that can enhance your jawline.

These vary greatly in quality and it is highly debatable how much benefit any chin or jaw exercise can bring – there has never been a peer reviewed scientific study to find a link between any exercise and reducing the signs of ageing in the jawline, neck, chin or décolletage.

Nevertheless, some swear by exercise routines they claim have created stronger or more desirable jawlines. Given they are all free to try, you could argue that there is no harm in trying.

Popular Jawline Exercises


Smiling is a popular exercise, with advocates suggesting it helps to tighten muscles and therefore strengthen the jaw.

It may well be that smiling makes people look younger, that bit more radiant, it exudes happiness. In any case, smiling a bit more can only be a positive.

Clenching the Jaw

Those who are fans of jaw clenching as an exercise suggest you clench for around 10 seconds and then release.

Repeat this 10 to 15 times.

Over time, look to up the time for each clench.

This is an exercise you can subtly work in while sat at home, or the office.

Chew Gum

Similar to clenching, chewing gum exercises the jaw muscles.

Choose sugar free gum and then chew away as much as you like – a further benefit is that chewing gum can quell the urge to snack.

Chin Lifts

Tilt your head up and back and look at the ceiling, this in itself won’t exercise the chin, but the next part will.

Make the start of a kissing motion by pressing your lips, hold this position and then release.

Repeat a few times.

Why Exercise Is Unlikely To Enhance The Jawline

There is a simple reason why exercises will often fail to enhance the jawline.

The majority of people seeking to strengthen their jawline, perhaps to create the perfect V shape or to add length to their face, are doing so partly because of signs of ageing.

Exercise does not address these.

Most issues to rectify in the chin are caused by a lack of volume. They can be the fat moving downwards, the skin becoming loose, definition being lost. The problem is not lack of muscle development.

A series of movements can make your jaw feel that bit stronger but without actually making it look stronger or more defined.

how jawline fillers can help
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Exercise can have its place, if someone is overweight overall then losing weight can certainly return some definition to all features, including facial features such as the jawline and the cheekbones.

For those who would like to address their fitness, there is likely more to be gained by running or swimming than there is from jutting your jaw in and out for 10 minutes.

Health Hacks For An Enhanced Jawline

Stay hydrated

Key to so much of our health, staying hydrated helps us to maintain and lose weight and drinking water can also improve circulation. Drinking water can increase the metabolism for some.

The act of drinking is also a form of mild exercise for the jaw.

Eat a healthy diet

Eating a well-balanced diet that is low in sugars and fats will again help you to lose weight and potentially give the jaw a more defined appearance.

Avoid refined carbs as high consumption of these can lead to the body storing fat for future usage and one of the places fat is stored is in the face. Although refined carbs might not be fatty of themselves, they can lead to our faces appearing fatter.

Get enough sleep

Do you get eight hours’ sleep a night?

This is the recommended amount, an amount that has many benefits for health. Whether the amount of sleep you get has a major impact on the appearance of your jawline is debatable, there is certainly no proof, but there are those who suggest a link exists.

Quit Smoking and Drink Alcohol in Moderation

Smoking has an overall negative effect on the skin and so, as with other areas of the face, a heavy smoker is likely to have a jawline that looks prematurely aged.

Alcohol can have a similar impact – there is nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of wine or beer, but be aware that every dietary choice you make has an impact.

When Hacks and Fads Aren’t Enough

The Real Secret to Jawline Improvements

Ultimately, for a better jaw region you need to address the signs of ageing and also sculpt to enhance the shape as desired.

This leaves two main options – cosmetic surgery or minimally invasive dermal fillers.

There are advantages to both options.

Cosmetic Surgery to Boost the Jawline

A cosmetic surgeon could certainly perform a procedure that would be designed to enhance the jawline.

This could be in conjunction with a neck lift. The desired results would be discussed during consultation and there would be long term benefit. Cosmetic surgery does not stop the signs of ageing, but it can create a more youthful appearance, from which the person will then age – it is as if ageing has been delayed.

There are many fine cosmetic surgeons in the UK but this is a major procedure of course. Cosmetic surgery involves general anaesthetic in the vast majority of cases, overnight stays in hospital, post-operative care and a lengthy period of recovery.

It may be that a week or more is required off work and there will be periods of time in which you cannot undertake many typical activities. The surgeon will inform you of these during consultation and it is for the individual to weigh up the pros and cons.

The expense may well also be a factor – you are paying for a major procedure, one that requires a surgeon, anaesthetist, overnight care, follow-ups and more. The price tag will run to thousands of pounds.

To get a sense of the results achievable, have a look at the before and after results on a surgeon’s site, making sure that they are truly representative (for instance lighting is the same, the facial expression the same, both are make-up free).

It is also sensible to look at the reviews, a great resource is the independent RealSelf website.

Dermal Fillers For Jawline Enhancement

The final option to consider is jawline fillers.

Dermal fillers work through targeted injections that add volume, smooth wrinkles and help to sculpt the area.

One concern with this option is that dermal fillers can be an under-regulated field, there are few obstacles preventing almost anyone offering them as a service.

You can avoid this pitfall by opting for a cosmetic doctor who is qualified, many will have medial training and have worked as GP or similar.

Fillers are, of course, used in many other areas, for instance to smooth lines around the mouth or add volume to the cheeks. For the jawline, a thicker gel of hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring substance) may well be used, this means less filler can be used than would otherwise be the case.

Fillers work by stimulating collagen creation – it is collagen creation that drops off as we age.

Results can be seen quickly, but they are not permanent – the length of time results will last will vary, but around a year is typical. After this, further injections will be required to maintain the youthful, sculpted look; these may be injections that have less gel than the original dose as collagen creation remains somewhat stimulated.

The results from fillers are predictable when administered by an experienced practitioner. It is also possible to start off with a smaller dose to ensure the patient is happy with the result, and then top up with a little more to enhance that bit more. The jawline can be improved in stages.

A key benefit of minimally invasive surgery is that there is no downtime or need for recovery. Anyone undergoing these treatments can typically return to daily activities immediately.

Dermal fillers on the neck, jaw and chin can also be used in combination with other treatments to create what is known as a surgery free facelift. This can have the impact of a deep plane face lift, but at a fraction of the cost.

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