HIFU Liverpool

HIFU – high intensity focussed ultrasound – one of the most remarkable breakthroughs in the cosmetic industry, is available through leading skin specialist Dr. Nyla at her Liverpool clinic.

HiFu treatments in Liverpool can deliver the impact of a full surgical facelift, yet with none of the downside of a major operation, or the cost.

HIFU is a treatment that can leave you looking years younger – refreshed, energised and a great version of yourself. The results look naturally yet wonderful, typical comments are ‘Wow – you look great’ and not ‘oh, have you had work done?’

In this page, we will run through some key details about HIFU, the form of this treatment available here in Liverpool and also give an insight into why Dr. Nyla is so in demand across the region. 

She has delivered more than 65,000 procedures and has an unmatched reputation for client satisfaction – that is why clients keep coming back to her.

What is HIFU?

There are different brands of HIFU available and some are more effective than others and also deliver results more quickly. 

However, what unites them is the underlying principle, which is that the HIFU penetrates the skin and reaches different depths – the epidermis, dermis and superficial muscular aponeurotic system. 

Heat is created – this very controlled heat, designed to be just enough to stimulate collagen creation and also encourage the muscles to contract and regrow.

Heat is created – this very controlled heat, designed to be just enough to stimulate collagen creation and also encourage the muscles to contract and regrow.

This process tightens the skin and reduces the signs of ageing – much of the signs of ageing we all experience are through collagen depletion. In our youth, collagen creation is plentiful and so the skin stays tight, as we age collagen creation falls and can entirely cease (thank you Mother Nature…).

HIFU counteracts this process.

HIFU is the only non-invasive treatment that can effectively target all these layers, impacting deep layers of the skin to create a change that is visible and also lasts.

One example of HIFU is Ultherapy, this is an FDA approved treatment that has proven results and is beloved by clients in Liverpool – results can often be seen from a singular treatment. 

Another option is ULTRAcel Q+ – this option is almost three times faster than other HIFU technology and so treatment times are reduced and there is minimal discomfort (it is worth noting that as a non-invasive treatment all HIFU options are comfortable).

ULTRAcel Q+ can deliver three hundred ‘shots’ in under three minutes – and treatment for a patient therefore only takes a matter of minutes.

In truth, the client does not need to be an expert in the various HIFU options available. Instead, the results achievable can be discussed at a consultation and the practitioner can suggest what they believe to be the best course of action, outlining why they recommend a certain form of HIFU.

HIFU Liverpool

Areas HIFU can treat

HIFU is widely used on areas of the face and body. In Liverpool, we have treated many clients for:

  • Signs of ageing around the forehead
  • Crow’s feet
  • The cheek area
  • Making the neck appear tighter and more youthful
  • Eradicating facial lines
  • Reducing the appearances of pores
  • Tightening the abdomen, thighs and love handle
  • Improving the appearance of the upper arm

And other areas too. If there is an area of the face or body that could benefit from tightening, where there are signs of ageing either in the form of lines, drooping skin or a lack of definition then HIFU is likely to be a wonderful option.

HIFU can also be used in combination with other treatments, potentially creating what is known as a non surgical facelift – this might include the use of dermal fillers, Botox or facial peels.

This can be discussed at a detailed consultation.

The HIFU Process and Post Procedure

The process should actually start with a detailed consultation.

The field of facial aesthetics can be under-regulated, DR. Nyla is an advocate for maintaining the highest of standards and ensuring the same level of care as would be the case with a full surgical procedure. 

At the consultation, the prospective client can talk through the areas they wish to address and the expert can then suggest options and recommend a best course of treatment.

If there is agreement, then the HIFU could be booked in.

The process itself is virtually pain free – there might be a slight tingling sensation. The applicator is moved over the areas being targeted and delivers the doses of HIFU.

The entire process will take only a matter of minutes – especially if ULTRAcel Q+ is being used. A typical treatment time range would be 15 to 90 minutes – depending on the areas being treated and the precise version of HIFU.

Clients relax during this period, some opt to doze off, others might read or enjoy the complimentary Apple TV that is available. It is some ‘me time’, more a chance to relax than feel like you’re having a treatment.

After the HIFU treatment, you simply leave and go about your day – whether that is back to work in the Liverpool city centre, relaxing or maybe a spot of retail therapy. 

At most, there will be mild swelling and some redness. Compare this to a surgical procedure, where you might have the unpleasant feeling post general anaesthetic and then face weeks where you have to recover, your life limited.

Does HIFU Last?

The results achievable and how long they are likely to last would be outlined at consultation.

The youthful appearance is likely to stay for at least six months and, depending on the area treated, results can still be apparent two years later.

As results fade, a follow-up treatment will be required if you want to maintain this youthful, tightened look – however, this again is only a quick procedure.

The Cost of HIFU

HIFU is an affordable procedure, with treatments in. Liverpool starting from around £400 at the time of writing. 

About Doctor Nyla

You may be certain that you want to find a HIFU clinic in Liverpool, but why consider Dr. Nyla?

Dr Nyla is one of the leading cosmetic dermatologists in the UK – she is trusted by many high-profile clients and her expertise makes her someone that media publications regularly seek an opinion from.

Her Liverpool cosmetic clinic is the largest outside London and also the only Diamond Clinic outside the capital.

Dr Nyla’s clinic won Top Cosmetic Clinic Award in the UK for 2019.

Her testimonials are universally positive and her reviews on the independent TrustPilot site outstanding.

If you would like to arrange a consultation, or simply want further advice please contact us today. Call us on 0800 009 6661 or use the Contact Form.



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