• Hair transplant in Birmingham? You need Dr Nyla!

When it comes to hair transplants and hair restoration, we think there is no-one better in the business than Dr Nyla. Dr Nyla offers a choice of hair restoration options – the more traditional FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and the cutting edge Artas iX.

Of course, you can be sure whatever option you go for, the best results possible will be achieved with Dr Nyla and her skilled team of medical professionals performing hair transplants in Birmingham, in the newly opened clinic..

Hair transplant in Birmingham Options

FUE Transplants – This technique which dates back to the 1990s involves taking individual hair follicles from an area of healthy growth and distributing them to areas of need. This is a labour-intensive treatment as it is a manual process.

FUE treatments require skilled surgeons with great experience. Dr Nyla and her team have performed many FUE treatments over the years and consider themselves to be the very best in the UK, if not the World.

A benefit to the FUE technique is there is minimal scarring at the donor site, meaning a patient has the options of having a short or closely cropped hairstyle going forward.

The procedure delivers permanent, natural hair regrowth to great effect.

Artas iX – A truly ground-breaking hair restoration technique, with Dr Nyla being one of only a handful of clinics worldwide offering the service.

That in itself, should tell you just how respected Dr Nyla and her team are…

Artas iX is an advanced hair restoration procedure that utilises robotic precision with 3D modelling, which results in perfect distribution of hair follicles to where they need to be.

Dr Nyla uses a customised 3D model that will show how your hair will look once surgery has been completed and the new hair has had time to grow in.

All other hair transplant techniques rely on the judgement of the surgeon as to where the follicles are placed, but with Artas iX, the follicles are distributed with precision using the robot arm and based on the patient’s 3D model which gives a high degree of accuracy.

Another great benefit to the Artas iX machine is that it can extract up to 1,000 grafts per hour. Dr Nyla has managed to extract up to 3,000 follicular grafts in just 1 session.

With just a 5 – 8 hour typical treatment time and recovery in a couple of days, Artas iX is the most effective, both in terms of results and time, hair restoration treatments available. With no cuts or stitches involved, it is easy to see why Dr Nyla has had patients travel from all over the world for this treatment.

It is recommended that a full consultation occurs prior to any of Dr Nyla’s hair restoration treatments. Based on your exact requirements, Dr Nyla will advise the best treatment for you personally.

Whatever treatment is recommended to you by Dr Nyla and her team, you can be sure of an improvement in permanent hair growth. Why not take the first steps to a thicker head of hair, by getting in touch today?

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