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Doctor Nyla’s Press Appearances in May

Doctor Nyla continues to share her expertise with the press and to inform her clients and help promote the brilliant treatments available today!

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Stylist – How to tell if you have combination skin, and the best skincare products for it.

Doctor Nyla shares her advice for those of us with combinations skin, to keep you looking smooth, soft and oil-free, even as the weather gets warmer!

“Alongside environmental factors, genetics, including your ethnicity, and lifestyle factors, like stress, can determine if you have combination skin. The causes of combination skin are multifactorial.”


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Cheshire Life – The Health Clinic

In May’s Cheshire Life, Doctor Nyla offers her advice for helping elderly friends and family stay safe and well during the Coronavirus outbreak, and the importance of self-care at this time.


“It’s known that stress can weaken the immune system, so take steps to counteract this. I recommend you do something you enjoy every day – spend time in your garden, read a book or listen to a podcast, do some yoga or simply take yourself for a walk”

“Try to keep yourself in the here and now, rather than worrying about what might be.”

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