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Coming Soon! The ARTAS Hair Restoration Procedure

Are you aware that 9/10 men will experience hair loss?

Introducing the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration

We are so excited to announce that we will be offering our patients the opportunity to restore their hair with the revolutionary ARTAS Hair Restoration machine.

In July 2019, you’ll be able to regain your hair with the ARTAS Hair Restoration procedure. This procedure involves no stitches or staples and leave you with effective long-lasting results which are virtually undetectable.

Developed by leading hair transplant physicians and researches, the system uses the latest robotic technology available. By using robotics, we can eliminate human error which can occur due to repetitive, precise motions required in any hair transplant procedure.

The patented procedure is a clinically proven permanent solution to hair loss. Achieve natural-looking results with no linear scarring or damage to existing hair follicles.

The ARTAS Hair Restoration Procedure will be available at Doctor Nyla’s flagship clinic, MediSpa Cheshire.