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Botox is an anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle injection.

Many signs of ageing are caused by muscles over contracting as we get older, for instance forehead lines, frown lines and crows feet.

The Botox treatment acts to stop the signals between nerve and muscle in this area and so the over contraction is halted, and the visible sign of ageing greatly diminished.

The skill of the practitioner lies in targeting precisely the right areas and delivering the ideal amount of Botox so that results are as desired, but also skin that is natural looking.

Botox treatments and fillers are both anti-ageing products, but they work in different ways.

Fillers, as the name implies, fill in creases and static wrinkles in the skin, whereas Botox reduces the impact of lines caused by muscle contraction.

Dermal fillers will tend to be suited to lines and imperfections that are always visible and don’t change in appearance; Botox for lines and signs of ageing that are apparant as we move our face muscles and change expression.

Dermal fillers can also be used when anti-ageing injections will no longer suffice.

Cosmetic treatments of botulinum injections is suitable for many signs of ageing around the face and neck. These include, but are not limited to:

Frown lines
Crows feet
lines and wrinkles
around the eyes
bunny lines
forehead lines
the chin
smokers’ lines
ageing of the neck
marionette lines
nasal lines
Suitability and checking botulinum injections were truly the best option would be carried out during a detailed consultation.

Botox is typically suitable for anyone who has concerns relating to signs of ageing, subject to the practitioner agreeing that this is the correct procedure (rather than an alternative such as dermal fillers, for instance).

The injections are an affordable treatment and one that comes with almost no recovery time – for instance, there is no need to take time off work. This makes them far more suitable for many than a fuller facelift or non surgical facelift would be.

It is a treatment that takes no more time – and often less – than a haircut.

Whereas a facelift would not be suitable for someone who has just started to show the first signs of ageing, botulinum toxin injections can be considered as soon as someone starts to notice these initially small dynamic lines.

Indeed, it is often best to start relatively soon, before the lines in the skin become deeper set and harder to smooth out.

The precise age will vary based on genetics, lifestyle conditions and more – the suitability is therefore dependent on the individual and when they first start to show these natural signs of age.

There are a few groups of people who should not have botulinum toxin injections, for instance women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or anyone who has a current infection in the area where injections would be administered.

Minimally invasive treatments do not provide a permanent solution, but they are an affordable option whose impact in addressing wrinkles lasts for months.

Six months is a typical time frame for results to last, after which a top-up treatment would be required, this top-up is often a little bit quicker than the initial treatment.

Anyone considering this treatment would be well advised to consider it something they will get into the habit of repeating twice per year.

The anti-wrinkle treatments are relatively pain free – Doctor Nyla would offer a numbing cream, but many of her regular patients at her Liverpool clinic choose to go without this.

The optimum amount of the injectable is skilfully inserted into the required area, the entire process only taking around 15 minutes.

That is then complete – the client can go about their normal daily business.

Final results will typically be visible after a couple of weeks.

Whereas those who have more invasive treatment might have the after-effects of general anaesthetic and then face a lengthy period when they can’t work, drive or exercise, there are no such issues with injectable treatments.

There is no downtime required, and just a few rules to follow for a short period, specifically:

Remain uptight for 90 minutes post treatment
Do not rub or massage the area
Do not exercise in the four hours post treatment
Avoid aspirin and alcohol for a short period

It is worth stating that the cheapest treatment you can find for wrinkles is unlikely to be the best – leading clinics such as those operated by Doctor Nyla use the highest quality of injectables, these infused with purified proteins.

The skill of the practitioner is also of the highest level – Doctor Nyla has carried out more than 65,000 treatments.

The overall cost will vary depending on the number of areas to be treated, a treatment for a single area obviously cheaper than having several areas of the face treated.

The overall cost will typically be in the hundreds of pounds range – a full, obligation free quote would be provided at consultation.

With Doctor Nyla you can also be confident that you will be paying once for a superb anti wrinkle treatment, rather than paying only to find results are sub-optimal.

Doctor Nyla provides anti wrinkle treatments at the Liverpool Medispa, based in the desirable area of Crosby.

The clinic was only opened in 2018 and so has the most modern of equipment; it brings the level of finish often seen in London’s Harley Street to the north west.

The Crosby clinic has universally five star reviews on Google.

Dr Nyla is one of the leading cosmetic dermatologists in the UK – she is trusted by many high-profile clients and her expertise makes her someone that media publications regularly seek an opinion from.

Her Liverpool cosmetic clinic is the largest outside London and also the only Diamond Clinic outside the capital.

Dr Nyla’s clinic won Top Cosmetic Clinic Award in the UK for 2019.

Her testimonials are universally positive and her reviews on the independent TrustPilot site outstanding.

If you would like to arrange a consultation, or simply want further advice please contact us today. Call us on 0800 009 6661 or use the Contact Form.

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