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Dr. Nyla Raja in a blue costume in one of her clinics

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Why Doctor Nyla Loves Ultracel

If you’re looking for a long lasting, natural looking rejuvenate, then look no further than Ultracel – the next generation, multi-platform device, offering non-surgical skin tightening and lifting with results that are on par with surgical face lifts. To learn more about this fantastic treatment, please read on.


Tanya Bardsley: Before & After Ultracel


What Is Ultracel And How Does It Work?

Ultracel combines ultrasound, radiofrequency and microneedling to target all layers of the skin, and leave it looking, and feeling, silky smooth:

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound: This targets the SMAS layer of the skin ( the deepest layer of the skin), creating ‘’thermal wounds’’, which stimulates the healing process. Collagen is produced, which tightens and lifts the skin.

Grid Fractional Radio Frequency: This directs heat to the more superficial dermis and epidermis, smoothing out existing collagen and stimulating the production of new proteins, such as elastin. This helps with ‘’collagen contraction’’, which begins to remodel collagen cells to tighten the skin. 

Microneedling: Delivers heat to the deeper layers of the skin, causing structures within these layers to tighten.

Ultracel: The Neck – Before & After

What Can Ultracel Be Used To Treat?

Ultracel can be used to:

  • Reduce sagging in the jowls and neck.
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Boost overall skin texture and tone.
  • Treat acne and acne scarring.
  • Rejuvenate the lips and eye areas.
  • Lift areas such as the brows.
  • Lower and mid face skin tightening and lifting.


‘’Thrilled with my results from Ultracel. Even though I only had the treatment a few days ago I can already notice significant improvements. The staff are very friendly and when I visited, they made me a delicious coffee and made me feel very welcome! Thank you and I am looking forward to my next appointment.’’ Olivia Frances

Our Process – What Happens During An Ultracel Treatment?

  • You’ll be invited in for a complimentary consultation with Doctor Nyla to discuss the areas that you would like to treat, and the reasons for doing so. We will explain the treatment in detail, ensuring you fully understand the procedure.
  • Should you wish to go ahead, we’ll then place a conductive pad on the treatment area.
  • A layer of oil Aameens gel will be applied, and radiofrequency will be targeted onto the skin.
  • Once the radio frequency treatment is finished then the area will be marked, allowing the clinician to define the areas for ultrasound. The handpiece will be placed on the skin, will penetrate the skin. The radiofrequency transmits 30-100ms depending on the skin parameter.
  • Lastly, post-treatment balm is applied to help soothe the skin and aid its recovery.

Full results can be seen after 3-6 months. This lovely client was especially happy with her results:


How Does Ultracel Compare To Other Treatments, Such As Ultherapy?

Ultherapy uses ultrasound to target the SMAS layer (the area treated during an invasive facelift) to give a more lifted look. Ultracel, however, is a non-invasive facelift, using both ultrasound and radio-frequency to treat both the superficial layers and SMAS layers of the skin to lift and tighten them, and give a more defined facial structure.


The Benefits Of Ultracel

  • Ultracel can treat a variety of areas and concerns, such as sagging skin, wrinkles, lines and dark circles.
  • The treatment is quick, yet effective, and requires no downtime whatsoever.
  • There is little to no pain involved, and every step is taken to lessen any discomfort you may experience.
  • The results are immediate, natural-looking and long-lasting, and can be boosted with yearly treatments.
  • Following treatment, your skin will look refreshed, renewed and you’ll start to feel like you again.


This client has seen a drastic improvement to her lower face:
woman-lowerface-before-Ultracel-treatmentwoman-lowerface-after Ultracel-treatment


‘‘Finally, a real breakthrough has been the skin lifting and tightening treatment Ultracel. It takes a three-pronged approach to boosting elastin and collagen production, from the lower depths of the dermal layer to the epidermis, reducing skin laxity and plumping and tightening for results that last for ages – without any downtime or the pain and risk associated with surgery.’’ Doctor Nyla, as quoted in Living Edge


Why Choose Doctor Nyla?

  • She is a highly sought-after skin specialist, having recently won Top ‘Cosmetic Clinic Award in the UK 2019’.
  • Her achievements and qualifications go above and beyond the industry norm, emphasizing her expertise, which is further backed by the fact she has personally delivered over 65,000 treatments.
  • For each and every one of her clients, she creates a bespoke results-driven treatment plan that ensures client safety and happiness.
  • Her cosmetic clinic is not only the largest outside of London, but is the only Diamond Premier clinic outside of London too.
  • Her glowing testimonials, from celebrities, TV personalities and her loyal clientele. 

Dr. Nyla Raja in a black costume, in one of her clinics
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