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What Is A Non-Surgical Necklift?

The desire for a neck lift has grown in popularity, but at the same time there is a natural move away from fully surgical procedures, with newer technology offering the same results through far less invasive methods.

In this post, we detail what a non-surgical neck lift entails and why this form of non-invasive procedure is now so popular.

A slender, long neck has long been seen as a sign of beauty and, while we are not all blessed with the neck of a Greek Goddess, we can all be afflicted by signs of ageing.

Along with the face, the neck is always in focus, the eyes naturally drawn to it during any conversation. What then to do about sagging skin, lines and that feeling that our neck is making us look old before our time?

Ultraformer 3 Skin Tightening before and after

For many, the appearance of their neck might be in contrast to their face – the neck therefore working against the face and creating an overall less youthful appearance.

The desire for a necklift has grown in popularity, but at the same time there is a natural move away from fully surgical procedures, with newer technology offering the same results through far less invasive methods.

In this post, we detail what a non-surgical necklift entails and why this form of non-invasive procedure is now so popular.

A Surgical Necklift

Before detailing what a non-surgical necklift entails, we should briefly mention the full surgical option.

There are many skilled cosmetic surgeons in the UK who can perform a necklift and undeniably these will often have the desired effect. The skin will be tightened, the neck will look more youthful, leaner and more attractive. 

The problem is that the same impact can be achieved through non-surgical methods, which then poses the question what is the extra benefit of surgery?

Full surgery is invasive and expensive. There is the need for lengthy recovery and time off work, the operation itself is likely to be performed under general anaesthetic.

The results may then not be visible for several weeks or months as swelling and redness subsides. Results will then last for a good period of time, but are not permanent and follow-up surgery is likely to be required in future if the patient wants to maintain that more youthful look.

The question isn’t whether surgery is inherently flawed, it is whether it is necessary. 

Exercise and DIY Remedies

At the other end of the scale, there are home remedies and exercises that supposedly tighten the neck and create a more youthful appearance.

Neither of these are effective – and there is no scientific research to back up any of the outlandish claims made.

The signs of ageing in the neck are not typically because of weak muscles, it is the result of collagen and elastin depletion. Exercise will not do anything to address this underlying issue.

You can also opt for creams that claim to encourage collagen regeneration – however, the quantities will not have a visible impact. What is required is significant collagen creation from within deep layers of the skin.

How A Non-Surgical Necklift Works

There is no singular treatment for a non-surgical necklift, but there is a common unifying approach.

Whereas surgery is effectively masking the impact of ageing by cutting and repositioning – change via the skill of the surgeon’s knife – non invasive methods look to perform change in a more natural way.

Non-surgical necklifts encourage collagen and elastin creation, this then tightening the skin and remedying that look of ageing. It is the deletion of collagen that is so central to the signs of ageing – as we get older we all produce less collagen. Kick starting creation is therefore central to a natural way to counter ageing.

Treatments such as UltraCel and Ultherapy generate carefully controlled heat that works into deep layers of the skin to stimulate that collagen creation. 

Excess, localised fat can also be targeted and again in a non surgical way. A treatment such as Coolsculpting freezes fat in the neck, these fat cells then naturally die and are expelled from the body.

Coolsculpting, a fully FDA approved technology, can remove 25% of fat from the area being addressed and this via a session that lasts around 30 minutes. 

The Non-Surgical Necklift Process

The process for a non-surgical necklift actually begins with a detailed consultation.

This is the chance for the prospective patient to discuss their hopes for the treatments and the expert to suggest a plan of best action.

It is important to seek a consultation with a leading clinic where there is access to multiple treatments and the latest technology. It should be noted that Dr Nyla’s MediSpa Clinic was awarded the UK’s ~Clinic of the Year Award in 2019.

A clinic such as ours will have a wide range of potential treatments – for skin tightening we have Ultracel, Ultherapy, Ultraformer, Ultracel Q+ and more besides and that is just for tightening. For targeting localised fat, there is Coolsculpting, treatments that target fat through radio frequency and more besides.

Which one should a client opt for?

It is not the client’s job to know exactly which treatment would be best for them, instead the expert can focus on the aims of the procedures and think how best to combine treatments to create the very best results – results that will last and deliver stunning results.

It is more important to know that effective treatments are available for all necks – however visible the signs of ageing, or whatever level of change is required.

Results That Last

No procedure delivers permanent results – this true both of non-invasive treatments and also full surgery.

However, non-invasive options can deliver results that last for a long period.

If fat is removed, this is gone for good, the fat cells have been killed. There is no reason this slimmed down appearance cannot be maintained.

Collagen creation will slow down again over time and so any treatment that has stimulated this rejuvenation of the skin will need follow-up treatments in future. However, these will again be quick, painless procedures.

Many find that after the initial consultation and first round of procedures, all they need is a quick follow-up every year or two.

Relaxing Treatments

One huge difference from full surgery that is worth mentioning is just how relaxing treatments are.

The non-invasive treatments typically only take between 30 and 90 minutes – usually towards the lower end. At worst, there is mild tingling but typically people read or relax during the treatment. 

At out clinics, many watch the free Apple TV.

Some even doze off and seem reluctant to leave!

There is none of the awful feeling of waking up from general anaesthetic, instead people just leave the clinic and go about the rest of their day.

The Key Benefits of a Non-Surgical Necklift

  • Results that have a clear impact – making the neck more youthful, leaner and yet still natural looking
  • No need for invasive surgery. All treatments are non-invasive, pain free (at most with mild tingling sensation) and with no recovery period post treatment
  • Treatments that are affordable – the cost is in the hundreds of pounds, rather than the many thousands of a cosmetic procedure
  • A natural process – skin tightening works by stimulating collagen creation. Fat freezing naturally kills of fat cells. There is no resorting to a surgeon’s knife
  • Modern treatments with full approval and backed by scientific research. Leading clinics such as Dr. Nyla’s now have a range of modern treatments that produce results that were unthinkable just a few years ago. This is why the balance has swung so decisively away from surgery and towards non invasive procedures.


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