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The Top 10 Reasons To Get A Pro Facial

The weather has been so unpredictable recently, hasn’t it? One minute it’s been sunny and wonderful and the next we’ve needed to dig out our umbrellas. If it’s taken a toll on your face, then we recommend a Pro Facial to hydrate, exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.

With the weather being as temperamental as a child recently, we’ve all been confused and affected by the scorching heat and thunderous storms that have been sweeping the nation. Unpredictable as it’s been uncanny, we’ve all been bringing our umbrellas and jackets on the warm days just in case Mother Nature changes her mind. It might be difficult to prepare the correct clothing, but if you’ve noticed your face has been dryer or redder than usual, then you can certainly prepare your skin. The Pro Facial offers many benefits, the best of which we outline in this post.



Reason 1: Superb Skin Analysis.


Before you have your treatment, which could involve a combination of aqua peeling, ultrasound, ION lifting and radio frequency, we will analyse your skin to determine your skin type, helping us choose the right treatment for you. We’ll then be able to recommend skincare products you can use at home to make the results last longer.


Reason 2: Extreme Exfoliation.


Ultrasound not only activates fibroblasts within the skin to boost elasticity, but helps drive the facial into the skin, delivering the nutrients to where they’re needed most. This leaves your skin smooth, softening lines and giving you a more even skin tone, especially noticeable if you suffer from pigmentation or acne.


Reason 3: Put Your Pores Up.


Exfoliation also opens up clogged pores, allowing the removal of blackheads, dirt and other impurities that can make your skin appear dull or damaged. This makes absorption of skincare products easier too.



Reason 4: Hydration.


All skin needs hydration, regardless of whether it appears clear, oily or dry. Aqua peeling cleanses and hydrates the skin with peptides, as well as salicyclic and fruit acids known to give skin that sought-after healthy glow, and for raising the skin’s water content.


Dry skin is especially prone to wrinkling, so a Pro Facial can soften and suppress signs of ageing.



Reason 5: Increases Circulation.


If you have poor circulation, nutrients have difficulty enriching your skin, which may appear sickly or discoloured. Ageing can also slow down circulation. As the facial gets massaged into your skin, blood flow and circulation are increased, boosting that healthy glow that hydration gives it.



Reason 6: Rest and Relaxation.


As stress has been linked to skin issues such as rashes, eczema and spots, then it makes sense that a peaceful environment can help relieve all that is worrying you, at least for a little while, helping the Pro Facial work more effectively. The treatment takes around 1 hour, and in that time you can take a nap, catch up on some reading, listen to your favourite songs or simply drift off into your own world.


It’s not just your skin that will feel refreshed afterwards.



Reason 7: Axes The Acne.


No doubt the weather has not helped any acne you may have, possibly causing breakouts that you want to rid your skin of immediately. The salicylic acid found within aqua appealing has been linked to a reduction in acne, and can stop scars from forming too.



Reason 8: Prevents Skin Ageing.


We may be preparing your skin for the weather, but as ageing is something we also can’t avoid, it’s always a good idea to get a jump-start on that too. As we age, there’s a decrease in collagen production and therefore skin elasticity, so lines, wrinkles and inflammation occur more frequently, and skin can appear sunken.


Whereas ION Lifting stimulates skin tissue and muscles for a lifting effect, radio frequency encourages collagen and elastin production, boosting skin elasticity in the process.



Reason 9: The Eyes Have It.


Other signs of ageing include eye bags, dark circles and crow’s feet, and if the weather has made you restless at night, or squint during the day then these will occur much faster. The Pro Facial can treat the under-eye area providing a refreshed look that shows no indications of tiredness or ageing.



Reason 10: You Deserve A Treat.


Whether you regularly deal with a demanding job, family life or haven’t done anything for yourself recently, then you deserve a treat that allows you to clear your mind, re-centre and focus on yourself for a while. Afterwards, you’ll then feel ready to take on the world.


The results speak for themselves!

Pro Facial Before and After


Go on. Treat yourself to a Pro Facial at one of our fabulous clinics today.