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The Collagen Banking Facial

Dr Nyla launches her new Collagen Banking Facial which dynamically prompts your body to produce 50% more collagen that can be stored for later. The theory is to boost your collagen production as early as possible (during 30’s and 40’s ideally) so that your body has more in reserve when needed. Dr Nyla is excited about these clever ways to rejuvenate the skin that slow down the aging naturally by the body using its own healing mechanisms, using micro trauma to the skin.

“It’s all about skin longevity.  By combining the best technologies, you can achieve so much and really boost how the skin can work efficiently until later life. There are incredible methods that achieve gorgeous skin today and really slow down how our skin ages giving you your best skin simply by kickstarting self-healing” Dr Nyla Raja

Dr Nyla has created an intelligent way to use a multi layered method combining Ultracel which works on the SMAS muscular layer, Radio frequency which vastly improves the dermal tissue and Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy to infuse liquorice and Niacinamide serum into the skin to clarify and refine. By using all three technologies within one treatment you work on the skin comprehensively from the inside out. By using such technologies to stimulate collagen and then bank it we are able to store some which will be used when we need it later as our skin comes to the end of its production cycle in its 30’s.

First the Ultracel wand is passed over your skin using high intensity focused Ultrasound which works on your skin from the inside out to create fantastic results improving skin texture and tone.  You will feel a heating of the skin as the Ultrasound waves are used to penetrate the skin, down to the very deepest layers, causing the skin cells to vibrate and ‘trick’ the skin into registering an injury, which then floods the area with collagen, increasing the overall health and elasticity of the skin.

The high-tech grid fractional radiofrequency part of this facial delivers thermal energy which promotes collagen growth and elastin production radically improving the condition of the skin and reducing skin laxity. This helps to provide a smooth, toned, youthful appearance, without any pain, discomfort, or downtime.

Finally, you will enjoy Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy breathing pure oxygen infused with liquorice and niacinamide serum. Oxygenated blood is carried around the body fighting bacteria and stimulating the release of growth factors and stem cells which promote healing. The active ingredients in the serum clarify the skin and give a peachy pore less appearance.

For lifted, glowing and future perfect complexion, kick start your skin to save more collagen to be used today and in the future.