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Love Island Lip Reversal

Jabs to reverse Love Island lips could leave you disfigured. As the craze for cosmetically enhanced pouts wanes, experts warn young women that getting rid of them is fraught with risk too.

Dr Nyla has recently set up a service offering free treatment to women aged 18 to 20 who have suffered botched procedures they can’t afford to get fixed.

She says: ‘We’re seeing a tsunami of patients with lips that are badly done or just far too big for their face. The truth is, many will be left with lifelong changes, such as lumps or lax skin. There was this obsession, fuelled by reality stars like the Kardashians and shows like Love Island, that bigger lips meant more beautiful.

‘We’ve always advised women away from anything that will leave them looking overdone, but other clinics don’t.

‘Now they’re coming to us asking for a more natural look, but reducing lip filler isn’t simple.’


Complaints about botched procedures had jumped nearly ten-fold in five years – from 217 in 2016, to 2,083, say charity Save Face.

Lip filler, injected wrongly, can cause serious complications. Bruising and swelling are common, as are hard lumps known as granulomas. More concerning is when filler either presses on a facial blood vessel, indirectly blocking it, or worse, is accidentally injected into the blood vessel itself. This can lead to tissue death, known as necrosis.

In rare cases, facial fillers have migrated into the blood vessels around the eyes, blocking them and leading to blindness. Experts say it is vital that anyone injecting filler is medically qualified to treat problems should they arise.

One of Dr Raja’s patients, Natalie Murphy, narrowly avoided having to have her top lip removed after she suffered a blocked blood vessel when she had her lip filler dissolved, then refilled, by a beautician.

The 35-year-old business development manager from Liverpool started having fillers aged 25 but in recent years, she felt trends had changed. ‘Girls in Liverpool used to get dolled up to go out on a Saturday night, but now it’s fine to wear jeans and heels. ‘And if you look at the vibe of people on Instagram, especially after lockdown, it’s more relaxed and undone. I just felt my lips were a bit much – the look didn’t sit right any more.’

Most cosmetic doctors charge £300 to £400 for lip fillers, and a similar amount to dissolve them. Beauticians charge as little as £180 for both procedure.

In October, Natalie opted to get rid of her ‘big’ lips and then have filler reinstated over two sessions to give a more natural look.

She says: ‘The night after I had the new filler put in, I noticed the skin above my top lip, just to the left of the middle, was darker. I called the beautician and sent her a picture, but she said it was probably just a bruise.’

When it didn’t go away, Natalie, still worried, called Dr Raja’s clinic. ‘She asked me to come in straight away.’

Fillers were blocking a blood vessel above Natalie’s lip, compromising the blood supply.

Dr Raja injected dissolving agent, and disaster was narrowly averted. ‘If Natalie had left it much longer, the tissue would have started to die and she’d have lost her lip,’ she explains. ‘I’ve seen some terrible cosmetic results from poorly done dissolving – women with dents in their faces.’


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