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before and after ultrapulse - laser skin resurfacing

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How Laser Skin Tightening Works

Laser skin tightening is a popular treatment that can produce a dramatic impact yet without the requirement for full cosmetic surgery.

Here, we look at how it works.

Laser skin tightening is a popular treatment that can produce a dramatic impact yet without the requirement for full cosmetic surgery.

Recent advancements in the technology have made laser skin tightening more effective than ever –  more targeted results are possible, while recovery times have been reduced.

In this page, we will run through key details about tightening of the skin by laser – how it works, what the benefits are, and how it compares to other options. We will also answer some of the most common questions.

Why Have Laser Skin Tightening?

The growth in popularity for laser skin tightening is part of the trend for tackling the signs of ageing or physical imperfections in ways that are less invasive.

before and after ultrapulse - laser skin resurfacing

Full cosmetic surgery can certainly help to tighten skin, but this will always be an expensive option and also one that comes with a potentially lengthy period of recovery. The procedure itself will also be under general anaesthetic.

Laser skin tightening addresses the same concerns, but in a way that is cheaper, less intrusive and yet still produces profound results.

The laser skin tightening can be for those who want to address the signs of ageing – these often around the face and neck. As we age, it is common for the skin to lose some elasticity as our collagen and elastin levels are depleted, this leads to lines, wrinkles and potential sagging, for instance in areas such as the jowls.

The skin tightening can also help address concerns relating to other parts of the body – the abdomen, stretch marks, the thighs and arms and more.

The process of tightening can also resolve other skin concerns, it can reduce scarring and the impact of acne, it can remove tattoos and improve the overall skin pigmentation and tone and texture.

If skin has been sun damaged, laser skin tightening is often a superb remedy.

For anyone who has concerns relating to their skin, laser skin tightening has the potential to be a suitable remedy.

Why We May Need Skin Tightening

In our youth, signs of ageing are not visible and our skin has the capacity to respond well to any trauma, for instance scarring.

The body has high levels of collagen and elastin and creates these with ease – these keep the skin elastic and help it to recover as required.

As we age, production of collagen and elastin will fall and may even stop entirely. As this happens, the skin loses elasticity and so has a tendency to sag – it can no longer counter gravity. Any new problem, a scar or sun damage for instance, will have more of an impact than would have been the case in our youth.

This drop in collagen and elastin will happen regardless of the quality of our diet or lifestyle factors such as whether we smoke, or how much exercise we undertake – although a healthy lifestyle can certainly slow down signs of ageing to some extent.

Sadly, none of us can fight time or our genetics – we are all prone to the signs of ageing, therefore we are all potential candidates for laser skin tightening.

As with any cosmetic procedure, much depends on how we view the signs of ageing or other skin complaint. 

If it is mild signs of ageing that we are unconcerned about, then there would be little benefit to skin tightening. However, if our confidence or self esteem is affected, or we simply want to restore a more youthful glow then it will be a strong option.

How Skin Tightening by Laser Works

The most basic description is to say that the laser treatment stimulates new collagen and elastic fibre production, this then restoring skin elasticity and so tightening the skin and also reducing other imperfections and signs of ageing.

Usually performed under local anaesthetic, the laser technology is applied to the skin being targeted to heat deep layers and stimulate the regeneration.

There are actually differences depending on whether the clinic you choose uses the leading skin resurfacing options.

A traditional CO2 laser treatment completely removes the surface layer to reveal a fresh layer. While this method can be effective it is not a subtle approach and often leads to a lengthy recovery period and a higher chance of scarring.

Modern treatments such as UltraPulse laser skin resurfacing penetrate deeper and more quickly – they reach the target cells with less thermal damage to surrounding tissue. This leads to the double benefit of profound results with a shortened recovery time – the rejuvenation is initiated without scarring to the surface.

Any damaged skin is removed (for instance if scarring is being treated), allowing the fresh, unblemished skin to develop.

Treatments are quick – often less than an hour – and with many there is only the need for one course of treatment. A singular session of laser skin tightening leading to profound results that have a lasting impact.

Which Form of Skin Tightening Should I Opt For?

It is common for people to have an understanding that would benefit from skin tightening and laser skin treatments, but be unsure which one would be the most suitable.

A consultation is key.

It is not the prospective patient’s job to know whether Ultrapulse or M22 or another option might be the most suitable. Instead, they should seek a consultation with a leading practitioner and talk through their hopes for the treatment.

What is it you want to target? What are your hopes for the procedure?

The expert can then outline the available options and, if there is more than one potential treatment, detail how they compare. How does recovery time differ, which will produce the more profound results and how long will results last? Of course, cost is a factor too.

Armed with all this information and images showing how the treatments have rectified similar concerns in the past, the prospective patient can come to an informed decision in their own time free of pressure.

It is impossible in this page to say with confidence which of the many treatments would be the most suited for you. What we can say is that there are likely to be options that will be of great benefit.

Are There Other Options for Skin Tightening?

Ultrasound and RadioFrequency treatments can also be an effective form of skin tightening.

The benefits and how they compare to laser treatments could be discussed in consultation if you opt for a clinic that provides a wide range of services.

It is worth noting that among treatments offered, Doctor Nyla does provide all options – laser, ultrasound and radio frequency skin tightening.


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