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Fat Freezing: Does It Work

Fat freezing is a cosmetic procedure trusted by millions of patients around the globe. However, how effective a form of fat reduction is it?

Fat freezing is a cosmetic procedure trusted by millions of patients around the globe.

It is a procedure designed to tackle stubborn deposits of fat in specific areas, whether this is the abdomen, thighs, chin or other part of the body.

This ability to target specific areas also makes it easier to assess whether or not fat freezing is effective. If, for example, a patient seeks to lose fat around their abdomen then it will be abundantly clear if this has been achieved.

Any results should be clear and apparent, leading to physical improvement and also, potentially, a boosting of self-esteem and confidence too.

Not All Fat Freezing Treatments Are Equal

When looking at the effectiveness of fat freezing it should be noted that not all treatments are remotely equal.

In this post we will focus solely on Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is established as the market-leading treatment, it is the only fat freezing treatment to be approved by the FDA in the United States.

When scientific reviews have studied fat freezing they have focussed on Coolsculpting.

It may be that other treatments have a degree of success but it is less proven and the methods have less approval.

How Fat Freezing Works

To look at whether fat freezing works it is necessary to briefly understand how it works.

As the name implies, the treatment works by freezing fat cells in the targeted area, this process is called cryolipolysis. The process causes the fat cells to undergo a natural death (apoptosis) and the cells are then gradually eradicated from the body naturally over time.

After the treatment, fat cells continue to die off and be expelled for a number of weeks until the patient is left with their new, contoured physique.

The fat freezing process kills off the cells so they cannot return – this is different to fat reduction via exercise or diet whereby the cells typically remain but in reduced appearance. 

This, of course, is not to downplay the importance of diet and exercise, merely to point out that fat freezing does one specific job – it kills of fat cells in areas where the patient is keen for physical change.

Coolsculpting incorporates Freeze Detect technology – this ensures optimal temperature and is a safety measure to ensure only the fat is frozen, not the surrounding skin

The process is actually built upon an observation by a scientist who noticed his child would develop dimples on eating an ice lolly – the ice causing contraction of fat in the cheeks. From this everyday observation grew a treatment trusted by millions of patients.

Fat Freezing vs Other Methods

Fat freezing is often recommended because it is so targeted.

Exercise and diet play a huge part in retaining overall fitness levels and we can certainly all lose some weight and gain definition through these.

The problem is that these are not targeted, we could exercise for hours daily and eat a perfect diet and yet the stubborn pockets of fat might remain. Often, the very area from which we want to cut fat is the one area the body seems to resolutely ignore in terms of fat cutting.

Coolsculpting is not a treatment for overall weight loss or obesity, a patient could not have multiple fat freeze treatments as a means to lose weight.

Instead, it is for the person who is in good or average health, is reasonably fit but has one or more specific areas that would benefit from a little fat loss.

This is why people opt for fat freezing. It helps us look great and can also be motivational. It can be maddening to exercise and diet and still not see the fat budge from the thighs, or the chin. Fat freezing exists to remedy this issue, to work alongside your overall health measures.

Scientific Backing

Scientific research has shown that Coolsculpting is a form of treatment that is effective in cutting fat from targeted areas.

The impact can be dramatic, on average around 25% of fat in the targeted area can be removed.

There are also positive results in the vast majority of cases, while the 25% figure will vary by patient – it is impossible to state pre-treatment that this level will be achieved – there will be significant reduction for most. 

There was noticeable improvement in almost nine out of ten cases (86%) while three quarters (73%) of those surveyed said they would recommend Coolsculpting to friends and family. 

Documentation from the Harvard Medical School showcased the effect across 1,000 patients, and an average fat reduction of 25% was found in the areas under treatment.

Areas That Can Be Treated

Coolscuplting can target multiple areas of the body, specifically:

  • The Stomach: Gain a flatter and fitter appearance.
  • Flank: Major impact without the need for an invasive tummy tuck
  • Bra Fat: We use a smaller applicator for a safe and incision-free procedure.
  • Inner Thigh: Perfect if your thighs have been rubbing together and are causing discomfort.
  • Outer Thigh: Do your outer thighs feel out of proportion with the rest of your body?
  • Under Arm: Don’t let bingo wings bring you down.
  • Upper Arm: Tone upper arms for a stronger and lasting look.
  • Back Fat: Get rid of fat folds and loose skin.
  • Buttocks: Reshape your bottom with CoolSculpting.
  • Neck: Remove your jowls or that double chin

The Visible Results

Perhaps the best way to ascertain the results of fat freezing is to look at past examples.

What does a 25% reduction in fat from an area look like?

Please browse through the images, which show patients before and after treatment.


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