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Dr Nyla Weighs In On M.Trump – The Daily Express

The Daily Express talked about “the Melania Trump effect” this week and how the First Lady’s model looks are inspiring a global plastic surgery trend. Calling on one of the countries top cosmetic doctors – Dr Nyla – the publishing giant asked if Melina’s cosmetic treatments is the best way to retain a more youthful look?

Dr Nyla stated the below:

“Less is the new more. Celebrities are embracing a more natural look and the most popular at the moment is Melania.

“I advocate using an energy based device such as Ultherapy to tighten excess skin tissue prior to the application of injectables, as they stretch or relax the muscle and therefore the skin.

“I find this gives a very natural look, as it means that there is less need for injectables, resulting in a face which maintains movement and doesn’t look ‘done’.”

Read the full article here and if you need more advice on how non evasive cosmetic treatments could help you, get in touch today.