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Doctor Nyla in The Daily Mail

.We are honoured that Doctor Nyla has been featured in The Daily Mail Online.

Doctor Nyla is one of the most sought after aesthetic doctors in the UK, respected and trusted by many including celebrities within the film and TV industry. It’s no wonder the Daily Mail contacted Dr Nyla directly to get her opinion on Simon Cowell’s latest look.

It’s no secret that Simon Cowell has been a fan of Botox in the past, claiming that it added 10 years to his TV career. However, after losing 20lbs recently and his 60th birthday being round the corner, the TV mogul’s skin is looking a little lacklustre. The Daily Mail reached out to Doctor Nyla to get her expert opinion on Simon’s latest look. In this piece Doctor Nyla suggests what treatments he should steer clear of as well as what treatments she recommends.


Doctor Nyla’s strong belief is on giving her patients the best and most appropriate treatments for them. She personally devises a tailor made plan for each and every single client. Doctor Nyla will refuse to treat clients if they want to go overboard with cosmetic treatments. Her goal is for her patients to look and feel like the best versions of themselves.

Essentially, Doctor Nyla’s priority is the health and safety of her patients. One of the suggestions made to Simon Cowell was using a combination of ultrasound technology and radiofrequency, Nyla understands you don’t need to go under the knife to get radiant, youthful skin.

Doctor Nyla also suggests an Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial for Simon Cowell to revitalise his skin after having so many cosmetic procedures. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your skin is give it a break and let it breathe.


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