• 5 Amazing Cosmetic Treatments in Birmingham Offered by Dr Nyla Raja

Dr Nyla Raja (MBCHB. MRCGP. DFFP. DPDermatology. BACD) is a well-known and hugely respected skin treatment specialist. She has performed over 65,000 treatments during her career at her clinics based in Birmingham as well as other clinics located throughout the UK.

About Dr Nyla Raja

Dr Nyla Raja provides a full range of aesthetic beauty treatments including non-invasive cosmetic treatments and advanced skin therapies for the face, body, and skin. What sets Dr Nyla apart from other cosmetic practitioners is her years of experience and attention to detail. Each patient is assessed individually, and treatments are carried out using by combining the principles of science and art.

The award-winning clinics in Birmingham, Cheshire, Liverpool and London offer all the non-invasive cosmetic treatments that you would expect, carried out in relaxed and modern environments. Below, we pick out 5 of the best treatments available from Dr Nyla Raja and her team of medical professionals.

Cosmetic treatments in Birmingham

Skin Tightening – Using Exilis Elite by BTL Aesthetics, a clinically proven treatment, radiofrequency waves are passed over the desired areas. This breaks down collagen fibres and promotes the production of newer and stronger collagen, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The new collagen fibres tighten any loose or sagging skin – leaving you looking more youthful.

Fat Reduction – No matter how hard we try, sometimes you have stubborn areas of fat that just will not disappear. There is a solution though… Dr Nyla and her team use Coolsculpting, an amazing FDA approved treatment that breaks down those unwanted fat cells by using a controlled cooling method – this freezes the cells and causes them to break down naturally. As Dr Nyla says, with Coolsculpting, once your fat cells are gone, they are gone for good.

Hair restoration using Artas iX – Dr Nyla Raja offers a range of hair transplant choices, yet none can really compare to the Artas iX machine. Dr Nyla is one of only a few clinics worldwide using this revolutionary method of restoring hair. It is minimally invasive, with no stitching or incisions required. 1 session can result in transfer of 3000 hair follicles, which is the equivalent of over 5000 hairs. What’s more, this treatment takes just typically between 5 to 8 hours.

8 Point Facelift – This remarkable facelift treatment is non-invasive, with no surgery required and produces stunning results – every time. Targeting 8 strategic areas of the face, the treatment restores these areas with a small amount of dermal fillers, resulting in lift and support. At Dr Nyla Raja’s clinics, the 8 points are reviewed based on each patient and treatments are tailored to each patient’s requirements.

Lustre Light Acne Treatment – Acne can be a devastating condition, affecting not just appearance, but mental health too. There are a multitude of remedies out there, but not all are successful. Lustre Light is different. By using a blue light and targeting the bacteria causing the acne, the skin is cleared, resulting in acne simply disappearing.

These are just 5 amazing treatments offered by Dr Nyla Raja, there are many more. All of the above are totally non-invasive, with the slight exception of the hair restoration treatment, although this is only minimally invasive.

A true leader in her field, Dr Nyla has clinics in Cheshire, Birmingham, Liverpool and Harley St, London.

For more information, or to start your transformation, get in touch with Dr Nyla Raja and her team of medical experts today.

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