Ultra Teosyal

Dr Nyla’s clinics in Cheshire, Liverpool and Harley Street London provide Ultra Teosyal Treatment, a pain-free dermal filler. This outstanding and long-lasting dermal filler has dramatic and impressive results which leave our patients choosing Ultra Teosyal forever.

Ageing and sun damage take away the skin’s youthful radiance and replace it with lines and wrinkles. An effective dermal filler helps to counteract this and improves the skin’s texture, tone and the overall face shape.



Why is Ultra Teosyal Dermal filler popular?

This dermal filler is not traumatic to the skin because it does not require an incision. Therefore with minimal pain it still achieves outstanding transformations!

What is Ultra Teosyal used for?

Ultra Teosyal has been designed to be used in high volumes. Ultra Teosyal is therefore used to restore: facial volumes, fix deep and prominent wrinkles, remove skin folds, restore original curves in the face, and sculpt facial contours.

What do I need to know before I choose Ultra Teosyal Dermal Filler?

Ultra Teosyal is one of the longest lasting facial fillers so it's vital that you have a qualified and practiced practitioner to perform the treatment. It requires a very steady hand and skilled injection techniques. The Ultra Teosyal dermal filler is much more expensive than other Teosyal products yet it's injected in higher dosages and is able to complete bigger volumes of work on the face.

Enhance your natural beauty – contact Doctor Nyla at Medispa (Harley Street London, Cheshire & Liverpool) for more information about Ultra Teosyal dermal filler.