Fat Dissolving Injections London

Fat dissolving injections are available in London at Doctor Nyla’s wonderful Harley Street MediSpa Clinic.

Aqualyx is the leading form of fat dissolving treatment available, approved for use in the UK and Europe and administered only by doctors and surgeons.

By undergoing Aqualyx treatment in London with Doctor Nyla, you are combining the leading treatment with the leading expert in non-surgical enhancements – Doctor Nyla the winner of the Best UK Clinic award.

In this page, we will give details relating to fat dissolving treatments in London – who they are suitable for, what they can address and the nature of results. We will also talk briefly about Doctor Nyla’s London clinic and why it is one of the few centres with approval to administer these fat dissolving injections.

Permanent Fat Removal

Fat dissolving injections are perfect for targeting stubborn pockets of fat that refuse to budge.

We are all prone to this problem. However good your diet, however much we exercise, fat will often gather in certain spots.

For some of us, this might be the thighs, or it can be the abdomen, the buttocks, back, stomach or many other areas. The area varies by individual, but the problem is the same.

Once this fat has gathered, getting rid of it is a nightmare. Exercising that part of the body doesn’t do much – the body doesn’t work like that, just because we do sit ups, the fat doesn’t go from the stomach.

The solution is a treatment that specifically targets the fat cells in this region, removing them, making a change that is permanent, but also doing no damage to surrounding cells in the body.

Fat Dissolving Injections London

Aqualyx Fat Dissolving

Aqualyx fat dissolving works through the injections of a specially formulated solution into the target area.

This injection can only be administered by an expertly trained doctor, and Doctor Nyla is one of a small number of these doctors.

The solution works by attaching itself to the fatty deposits and this then breaks them down over time. The body expels this broken down fat over time through natural processes.

Because the fat is gone, the cells destroyed, this is a treatment that produces permanent results.

It really is that easy, the injection destroys the fat, the body dispels the fat, the fat cells are gone – never to return.

Suitability for fat dissolving in London

Suitability would always be assessed at a detailed consultation. Doctor Nyla is an advocate for the highest standards in non surgical procedures and so carries out full consultations to ensure that any treatment truly is in a patient’s best needs.

Broadly speaking, most adults who have a pocket, or deposits of fat in specific areas will be a good candidate, though it is not typically used for those under 18 or over 60.

It should be noted that fat dissolving is not a weight loss treatment and it would not be suitable for those who are very overweight. Instead, it is for those who are generally healthy but have fat pockets they wish to target.

 Fat Removal options

While aqualyx is a wonderful treatment for fat loss, it is not the only option.

One huge advantage of entrusting Doctor Nyla is that she offers a range of non surgical fat loss treatments.

One option is fat freezing through Coolsculpting – this the leading fat freezing option. Fat freezing works by freezing fat cells, destroying them ready to be expelled naturally from the body. As with aqualyx, the cells are gone for good.

LipoCEL meanwhile uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to kill the fat, again it is then expelled and gone for good.

Which of these options is best for you? It is impossible to say in a web page. They may all be suitable, but one will always be the best option – the one that will deliver the most profound results for your body.

At consultation, Doctor Nyla would discuss all the options and explain her recommendation and why.

Results from Fat Dissolving

Key to any treatment are the results produced – is it worth it?

Aqualyx produces a profound level of change. It is far better to see results than talk at length about them – to see examples, please head to our main Aqualyx treatment page.

Results can be visible from a singular treatment but typically between two and five will be needed to produce the results desired. The number of treatments required would of course be discussed at consultation.

Results from Fat Dissolving Treatments

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About London and Harley Street

Doctor Nyla’s London clinic is located on Harley Street in central London.

Harley Street is so named after a famous resident, Thomas Harley, Lord Mayor of London in 1767. The street then became established as a home of medical excellence from the 19th century.

One famous former resident is Lionel Logue, the speech therapist who helped King George VI – and the basis of the film The King’s Speech. He had offices at 146 Harley Street.

Harley Street has also featured prominently in book and film, including Sense and Sensibility and many Agatha Christie novels.