Non-Surgical Aesthetics in Culcheth

Residents or Culcheth are blessed to have two world class clinics for non-surgical treatments within easy driving distance.

Both clinics are run by Doctor Nyla, a true expert in her field and winner of the Best Cosmetic Clinic UK Award.

The clinics are located in Wirral, and close to Alderley Edge – at both you will find a wide range of leading treatments, clinics fitted to the highest of standards and staff who are polite, highly trained and there to out you at complete ease.

It will take just 40 minutes from Culcheth to reach a clinic, there is ample parking on site and both are easy to find. The locations help to put you at ease, for instance Alderley Edge is a short drive away, yet feels a world away from the daily hustle and bustle.

At both clinics, you will also find Doctor Nyla. Her reputation and CV are unsurpassed, she is a true expert in all non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments.

As doctor-led clinics, you are in the safest of hands, with Doctor Nyla an advocate for higher standards and greater regulation.

Non-Surgical Aesthetics in Culcheth

Huge Range of Cosmetic Treatments Near Culcheth

It may be that you know precisely which treatments you want, or it may be that you have goals for your appearance, but are unsure which treatment would be best.

There is no need to be an expert on the many forms of treatment, instead all that is required is an open and honest conversation with Doctor Nyla.

What are you looking to achieve? It may be that you want to address signs of ageing, or it could be that you have stubborn pockets of fat you wish to see gone.

There are many other motivations too – whatever it is you hope to achieve, we have treatments and, not just any treatments, but the leading versions.

If it is fat fighting, we have not just fat freezing (as well as other options) but Coolsculpting – the FDA approved, leading version of fat fighting.

For signs of ageing, fillers are used – as they are with most clinics, but these are the highest quality fillers and they are administered with unmatched skill and expertise.

We can create a bespoke package of treatments that will help you look your fabulous best.

For instance, we provide our own Transformative Face Lift, this a series of non surgical treatments that combine to have an impact as profound as a full surgical facelift and yet with none of the surgery, huge expense or lengthy period of recovery.

Tackling Signs of Ageing

One of the most popular reasons to visit us from Culcheth is to address those annoying signs of ageing.

We are all prone to these, but that is not to say we have to like them, or simply accept them – especially when it is so easy to treat.

The lines and wrinkles, and loss of skin definition and volume that make us look that bit older all have very natural, common causes and there are established ways to treat these.

Dermal fillers and Botox are common, they are often used in the same sentence, but they actually have different uses.

Fillers work to fill in permanent lines and wrinkles, as the name implies. They reverse the collagen depletion that leads to these signs of ageing, using hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring substance – to generate new collagen and elastin creation in a highly targeted area.

Botox works as a nerve suppressant, blocking the signals that lead to dynamically caused lines – for instance in the forehead.

Skilled experts know which to use for different signs of ageing, and can use both to address multiple signs of ageing.

Other options for addressing signs of ageing include facial peels, skin tightening and microneedling.

However, in a web page it is not possible to suggest which options would work best in your specific case, instead please rest assured that we have a wide range of options and will suggest a bespoke plan of action that is best for your specific needs.

treatment image

Fat Fighting

Many of us have pockets of fat that we would love to see shifted, and yet can prove stubborn and prone to resist the impact of diet and exercise.

The area of the body changes by person – for some it might be the thighs or legs, others might find that fat clings to the abdomen. Others still will be prone to a double chin.

Wherever the area, please rest assured that localised fat fighting treatments are a superb solution.

These are not a treatment for obesity or overall weight loss, instead they are for when someone is in overall good health, but has fat in an area that stubbornly stays.

The processes work by targeting this localised fat, killing it off and it is then dispelled quite naturally over time.

The fat is then gone for good, so these are permanent treatments.

Treatment options all work in broadly similar ways, targeting the fat cells but leaving other cells unaffected.

One of the most popular options, and one that delivers superb results is fat freezing, of which the leading option is Coolsculpting.

It is worth noting that we have Diamond Clinic status, and are also the only UK clinics to have quadscultping – this an ability to tackle pockets of fat in four areas simultaneously, saving both on time and expense.

Ultrasound works in a similar way, but uses sound rather than a freezing technology to target and kill the fat cells. In this page, it is impossible to say which would be better for you – that would be discussed on viewing your medical records and having an open and honest conversation.

Aqualyx is a third option – this an injectable that again targets just the fat cells.

At consultation, we would advise as to which option is the best to achieve your specific health and appearance aims.

Other Treatments

At the MediSpa clinics, we have so many more treatments – far too many to list here, though all are available via the menu.

The treatments can boost your appearance and also do so much to improve mental health, self-esteem and so enhance relationships, your confidence at work and more.

If hair loss is a concern, then we have leading treatments, these including FUE and FUT technology, and even robotic hair transplants. Stunning hair growth can be achieved with minimal scarring at the donor site.

This is just one example of the leading treatments on offer.

Please, rather than seeing the treatments as a menu, instead simply contact us and book in a consultation to discuss your aims and the change you seek. We can then create a bespoke plan for you to consider at your leisure, and also answer any queries you may have.

This will also enable you to make the short journey from Cucheth to get a feel for MediSpa – just what it is that makes us winners of the Best Aesthetic Clinic Award (it is a variety of things – perhaps best summed up as all-round excellence!)

The change you seek is just a phone call away.

Why Choose Doctor Nyla

Doctor Nyla (MBCHB, MRCGP, DFFP, DPDermatology, BACD) is one of the UK’s top aesthetic doctors, specialising in non-surgical techniques. 

As one of only two doctors in her class to gain a distinction with their membership, Doctor Nyla has been one of the leading voices in aesthetic medicine for several years now.  Having been drawn to aesthetic medicine after a successful career as a GP, Doctor Nyla is a non-surgical treatment specialist, and uses her knowledge and expertise every day to give her valued and trusted client base results that actually make a difference to their everyday lives. 

Her client base trusts her completely, and would never even consider going to another practitioner, because they know she truly understands them, their perspective and their concerns. 

As a busy professional, working mother and woman who has herself experienced the toll ageing can have on your self-confidence, Doctor Nyla has experienced first-hand the difference aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing treatments can have on all aspects of your life. This outlook and understanding of why her patients come to her has made Doctor Nyla one of the most trusted aesthetic practitioners in the country, not just by her loyal client base but also by the national press, including the Guardian, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Grazia, OK! Magazine and more, who regularly approach her for an expert perspective on current news and events in the industry.

Why Choose Doctor Nyla

If you live in Culcheth and would like to learn more about Doctor Nyla and our range of aesthetic treatments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0800 009 6661